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The 1761 muster roll of Capt. Barnaby Byrn's company of New York provincial troops:

(who were mostly born in Europe), and many of whom were Black and Brown.





Over the last few hundred years, our Albinos have done a Crackerjack job of rewriting history after their military takeover of most of the world. But what has happened is that they have not only filled the heads of Negroes and others under their control with their nonsense history: they have also filled the heads of their own kind with the nonsense.

So that today, the average Albino thinks that they (Albinos) are the majority of humans (instead of a small minority). They think that they started the worlds civilizations, (when in fact they started none). They even delusionally think that THEY are the people depicted in Ancient Egyptian Statues and Tomb Paintings.



Of course this particular delusion is greatly helped by the repainting, Whitenizing,

and creation of new FAKE artifacts, depicting Ancient Black people as something akin to modern Albinos.

Now of course they know that in REAL life, if they were to attempt to work outside, shirtless and hatless, in

North Africa/Middle East, they would quickly DIE! But the whole point of a delusion, is that it's "Delusional".



And they think that they are healthy, normal, and at home in the world: when in fact the Sun is their enemy because of their lack of pigmentation, thus severely limiting where they can live and work safely: Skin cancer being the punishment for carelessness. And thereby requiring them to enslave others who are pigmented, to do outside work - like farming - for them. But because Albino control of information and media has been absolute, the average Albino has no clue about these truths. And as to the truth of Black Kings ruling Europe, well the average Albino looks at you like you are crazy!


Albinos may enjoy it now, but going forward,

how will everyone react when the truth comes out?


Therefore, to educate everyone, including Albinos, we go back in time, to read what the great Statesman, Benjamin Franklin had to say about these things.





Definition of Terms from above:




At the time Benjamin Franklin wrote this essay the "Swarthy" Russians

had just been usurped, and their Great Black Czar "Peter the Great" had died 26 years before.




We understand that this comes as a great shock to the uneducated Albino: they invariably say stupidness like "He's not Black, he's just Tanned". So with patience and generosity of heart, we offer this quote from "The visit of Tsar Peter the Great in 1717 according to new documents by Count of Haussonville (French)".


Quote: "The Czar is taller, a little bent, and his head is bent over the ordinary. He is black and has something fierce in his face. He appears to be quick-witted and easy-going, with a kind of greatness in manners, but little sustained. He is melancholy and absent-minded, though approachable and often familiar. It is said that he is sturdy and capable of body and mind work."



Peter the Greats son Alexei had died 7 years earlier.




These page images, along with the (linked) sister page images of the “The Transportations of 1745”: show that Blacks and Browns we highly skilled Tradesman in Europe, and they brought those skills to the Americas, whether as Free Men or as Slaves/Indentures.


These Troop pages also show that the American Revolutionary War was fought and Won,

by (perhaps): a MAJORITY of Black and Brown soldiers!









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