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Short Sketches of Jacobites
The Transportations in 1745






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Over the last few hundred years, our Albinos have done a Crackerjack job of rewriting history after their military takeover of most of the world. But what has happened is that they have not only filled the heads of Negroes and others under their control with their nonsense history: they have also filled the heads of their own kind with the nonsense.

So that today, the average Albino thinks that they (Albinos) are the majority of humans (instead of a small minority). They think that they started the worlds civilizations, (when in fact they started none). They even delusionally think that THEY are the people depicted in Ancient Egyptian Statues and Tomb Paintings.



Of course this particular delusion is greatly helped by the repainting, Whitenizing,

and creation of new FAKE artifacts, depicting Ancient Black people as something akin to modern Albinos.

Now of course they know that in REAL life, if they were to attempt to work outside, shirtless and hatless, in

North Africa/Middle East, they would quickly DIE! But the whole point of a delusion, is that it's "Delusional".



And they think that they are healthy, normal, and at home in the world: when in fact the Sun is their enemy because of their lack of pigmentation, thus severely limiting where they can live and work safely: Skin cancer being the punishment for carelessness. And thereby requiring them to enslave others who are pigmented, to do outside work - like farming - for them. But because Albino control of information and media has been absolute, the average Albino has no clue about these truths. And as to the truth of Black Kings ruling Europe, well the average Albino looks at you like you are crazy!


Albinos may enjoy it now, but going forward,

how will everyone react when the truth comes out?


Therefore, to educate everyone, including Albinos, we go back in time, to read what the great Statesman, Benjamin Franklin had to say about these things.





Definition of Terms from above:




At the time Benjamin Franklin wrote this essay the "Swarthy" Russians

had just been usurped, and their Great Black Czar "Peter the Great" had died 26 years before.




We understand that this comes as a great shock to the uneducated Albino: they invariably say stupidness like "He's not Black, he's just Tanned". So with patience and generosity of heart, we offer this quote from "The visit of Tsar Peter the Great in 1717 according to new documents by Count of Haussonville (French)".


Quote: "The Czar is taller, a little bent, and his head is bent over the ordinary. He is black and has something fierce in his face. He appears to be quick-witted and easy-going, with a kind of greatness in manners, but little sustained. He is melancholy and absent-minded, though approachable and often familiar. It is said that he is sturdy and capable of body and mind work."



Peter the Greats son Alexei had died 7 years earlier.




These page images, along with the (linked) sister page images, show that Blacks and Browns we highly skilled Tradesman in Europe, and they brought those skills to the Americas, whether as Free Men or as Slaves/Indentures.


The Troop pages also show that the American Revolutionary War was fought and Won,

by (perhaps): a MAJORITY of Black and Brown soldiers!




The Jacobites


Jacobitism was a political movement in Great Britain and Ireland that aimed to restore the Roman Catholic Stuart King James VII of Scotland, who was also James II of England and Ireland, and his heirs to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland. The movement took its name from Jacobus, the Renaissance Latin form of Iacomus, the original Latin form of James. Adherents rebelled against the British government on several occasions between 1688 and 1746.

After James II was deposed in 1688 and replaced by his daughter Mary II, ruling jointly with her husband and first cousin (James's nephew) William III, the Stuarts lived in exile, occasionally attempting to regain the throne. The strongholds of Jacobitism were parts of the Scottish Highlands and the lowland north-east of Scotland, Ireland, and parts of Northern England (mostly within the counties of Northumberland and Lancashire). Significant support also existed in Wales and South-West England.

The Jacobites believed that parliamentary interference with the line of succession to the English and Scottish thrones was illegal. Catholics also hoped the Stuarts would end recusancy. In Scotland, the Jacobite cause became intertwined with the clan system. The emblem of the Jacobites is the White Cockade. White Rose Day is celebrated on 10 June, the anniversary of the birth of the Old Pretender in 1688. (A cockade is a knot of ribbons, or other circular- or oval-shaped symbol of distinctive colors which is usually worn on a hat).




Below are excerpted pages from the book which tend to

illuminate the racist lies created by the Albinos


i.e. No Black Britain's, No Black royals, No Black Europeans, Blacks in the Americas are Africans etc.





























































In the page above, mention is made of the 1715 Jacobite upraising.

Here also we have documentation of what happened to those people.



This information is taken from "Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild"



Jacobite Rebellion Ships

Ship Scipio
Liverpool, England to Antigua/Virginia, the Americas. Leaving Liverpool 30 March 1716 with 95 Prisoners.

Ship Wakefield
Liverpool, England to South Carolina, The Americas. Leaving Liverpool April 21, 1716 with 81 Prisoners.

Briggantine (type of ship) Two Brothers
Liverpool, England to Jamaica, West Indies, leaving Liverpool April 26, 1716 with 47 Prisoners, AND to Montserrat, June 1716 (unconfirmed):

Ship Susannah
Liverpool, England to South Carolina, the Americas, leaving Liverpool 7 May 1716 with 104 Prisoners.

Ship Friendship of Belfast
Liverpool, England to Annapolis (Maryland), Departing Liverpool May 24, 1716 with 81 Prisoners, Arriving Annapolis August 20, 1716. (Almost 3 Months, what was the delay?).

Ship Hockenhill
Liverpool, England to St. Christophers, Leeward Islands, West Indies. Leaving Liverpool June 25, 1716 with 30 Prisoners.

Ship Elizabeth and Anne
Liverpool 29 June 1716 - Quote: the arrival list of 113 rebels reported from Yorktown, Virginia, 14 January 1716, is both different and shorter than the departure list of 127 rebels reported leaving Liverpool, England, 29 June 1716 aboard the "Elizabeth and Anne". (Dates are obvious transcribing error).

Ship Goodspeed
Liverpool 14 July 1716 - A List of 54 Rebel Prisoners bound for Virginia.

Ship Africa Gally
Liverpool, England to Barbadoes, West Indies. Leaving Liverpool July 15, 1716 with {1 PRISONER}.
"Innis & Ayston to be transported Liverpool 15 July 1716 Recd James Innis, a Rebel Prisoner on board the Africa, Richd. Cropper Mar. for Barbadoes, and James Ayston, a Rebel Prisoner on board the Elizabeth and Anne, Edward Trafford Ma. for Virginia (in order to be transported) as witness our Hands Richd. Gildart Hrn: Trafford". Each ship carried only one prisoner, and they were split-up as far apart as they could be. Suggesting that James Innis and James Ayston were very important leaders.

Ship Anne
Liverpool, England to Virginia, the Americas. Date of Arrival: 31 July 1716 with 18 Prisoners.



The following proclamation accompanied the Prisoners...



Note: this is a "True Copy" of the proclamation with spelling errors intact.

The proclamation about the 80 Rebbells Transported in the Ship Friendship, read in Governor Hart's office, April 28th, 1717. At a Council held at his Excellency's house, in the City of Annapolis, the 28th day of August, in the third year of his Majesties Reign, And the first of his Lordship's Dominion. Anno Domini, 1716.

Present: His Excellency John Hart, Esquire, Captain General & Governor in Chief, The Honorable Thomas Brooke, Esquire, Coll: Wm. Holland, Coll: Wm. Coursey, Lt:Coll: Saml. Young, Tho. Addison, Phi. Loyd, Esquire, Lt: Coll: Richd. Tilghman, Coll: Thomas Smyth, of his Lordship's Council.”


“Whereas his most Sacred Majesty, out of his aabundant Clemency, has caused eighty of the Rebbells (most of them Scotsmen) lately taken at Preston, in Lancashire, to be transported from Great Brittain in this province, in the Ship Friendship of Belfast, Michael Mankin, Commander, and Signified to me his Royall pleasure by one of his principall Secretaries of State, that the said Rebbells, to the number aforesaid, should be sold to the Assignes of the Merchants, who should purchase them for the full Term of Seven Years and not for any lesser time. And that I should cause the said Rebbells to enter in to Indentures to performe such service, or otherwise grant the respective purchasers proper Certificates of their being so sold them by his Majesties royall Command, and cause the said Certificates to be recorded, the better to enable them to detain them, least they should at any time attempt to make their escape not being bound. It appearing to be his Majesty's pleasure the aforesaid Rebbells should continue in this province for & dureing the whole term and Space of Seven Years aforesaid. And, whereas, the said Rebells, Notwithstanding his Majesty's Clemency & Pleasure, signified as aforesaid, have Obstinately refused to enter into such Indentures, And that the greatest part of them already have been sold, And the rest will, in all probability, be disposed of with such proper Certificates, by me granted to the respective purchasers, as by his Majesty directed, In order to enable them to retake any such of them who may at any time hereafter attempt to make their Escape.

I have thought fitt, by and with the advice of his Lordship's Councill to Issue this my proclamation, Notifying the same and Straitly requiring, charging, & enjoyning all and Singular the Sherriffs, Constables, Magistrates & their Officers, within this province, Military and Civill. And also all and every the Inhabitants thereof to be very vigilant in putting in due execution the Act of Assembly of this province relating to runaway Servants, and to use their utmost endeavors upon any suspicion notice or discovery of any of the said persons transported, attempting or endeavouring to get out of this province before the Expiration of the full time of seven years from their arrivall here, viz: the 20th of August instant, to stop and prevent them from so doing, and to apprehend and cause such fugitive Rebbells to be returned to their respective masters and Owners, who have so bought and purchased them as aforesaid, after such manner as is used in this province for the apprehending, secureing & returning runaway Servants to their respective Masters, Dames or Owners, and foreasmuch as it may probably happen that some of the persons so transported as aforesaid by themselves or friends, may purchase or otherwise obtain their freedomes from their respective Masters or Owners, and attempt to go out of this province to some other plantation or province, where they may not be known, and consequently have the greater opportunity to returne to Great Brittain in order to pursue their wicked and rebellious practices and designs against his Majesty and the Protestant succession.

I do heareby, with the advice of his Lordship's Councill aforesaid, direct, require, and comand the aforesaid Sheriffs, Magistrates, Constables, and all other Officers, Civill and Military, within this province, to use their utmost endeavours to prevent the same by using all possible diligence to apprehend all or any of them who shall so attempt to escape out of this province contrary to his Majesty's Intention and to take Care that they be brought before myself or the Governour for the time being in order to oblige them to give good security not to go out of the province until the Expiration of the aforesaid time of seven years; and that all persons within this province may have due and sufficient notice hereof, and use their faithfull endeavours for the apprehending and discovering the said Rebells, who shall, or may endeavor or attempt to escape from their Masters' Service or otherwise go out of this province, I do hereby Strictly Charge & comand the severall Sherriffs of the respective Counties within this province, to cause this my proclamation to be published at all Court houses, Churches & Chappells and others the most publick and frequented places whereof they are not to fail at their perills. Given at the City of Annapolis, under the great Scale, this 28th day of August, in the third year of the Reign of our Sovr Lord George of Great Brittain, France and Ireland, King, defender of the faith, and the first year of his Lordship's Dominion &c., Anno Domini, 1716."

JNO. BEARD, Cl. Council.
Vera Copia. (Definition of COPIA VERA: In Scotch practice.) A true copy.


Here is what happened to those White supporters of the "One True {Black} Monarchy"




Here is the reason for the deaths of those loyal Albinos: Virginia and Maryland were the "Northern-most" of the Slave States. Below those states White people (Albinos) could NOT survive working in the fields: the Sun would kill them, because the UV radiation from the Sun was just too strong for un-pigmented people survive!



Note that at the very top of the Slave States, the UV radiation is ONLY 8's and 9's at maximum.




So just imagine the survival rate of any poor Whites (Albinos) who were sent to the West Indies, where the Suns UV radiation is the max. 11's almost all year round. They likely lasted only a few days in the West Indian Fields.








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