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The Americas

Aztec history   The rise of the Aztec
The Inca   Proofs that the Inca were Black Paleoamericans not Mongols
Casta Paintings   Paintings of mixed-race latin American families of the 1700-1800s
The Dark Mexicans   Potpourri of Black Mexicans
Moche Erotic Art   Moche pottery depicting sexual acts.
Murder of the California Indians   The Ongoing, World Wide Effort by Albinos, both Europeans and Mongoloid to Exterminate Blacks
Black U.S. Indians   Black Paleoamericans/Indian Tribes of the United States
Conquest of the Americas (Race)   Investigating whether Mongol Americans helped Europeans defeat Black Paleoamerican civilizations.
Black Americans & 0thers - 1800s   Pictures of Post civil war Black Americans


  Record of the Voyage in 1524 of Giovanni da Verrazano (the Black Carolina Indians)
Black Indians in Barbados   Hunting (Black) North American Indians in Barbados
Jamaica   Partial history of Jamaica
Barbados   History of Barbados
Kennewick Man   Lies associated with Kennewick man
Easter Island   People and history of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
Black Cowboys   Black Cowboys
White Cherokee   How the Cherokee Indians became White and mulatto: And then cheated Black Indians out of their Birthrights
Who are the Blacks of the U.S.   Documenting the small percentage Africans represent in the Black U.S. population
Curly hair   Curly, Kinky, and Straight Hair
Black hair   Or the Vietnam War and changing Black Mores
Miskito Indians   The bi-racial nature of the Miskito people
St. Thomas Hull Bay Skeletons   Smithsonian analysis of the St. Thomas Virgin Islands Skeletons
Indian Slavery in the Americas   Slavery of Indians: Exportation of slave indians to the Caribbean
The 2016 Election   What really Happened





Ancient Egypt and the Middle East

Truth about Egyptian Mummies   Analysis of the race of Egyptian Mummies
Kom Abou Billou   Grave stele from the ancient Egyptian necropolis
Medinet Habu Temple   The Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III
Hyksos   Text and artifacts from the Hyksos dynasties - 13th thru 17th.
Roman Mummy Portraits MENU   Portraits of mixed-race Greeks/Romans from the Greek and Roman ruled Period of Egypt.
Egypt - The Greek Occupation   History of Cleopatra and the Ptolemy's
Inscriptions of Kamose   King Kamose's account of his struggle to reunify Egypt at the end of the Second Intermediate Period
Egyptians in Australia   Egyptian hieroglyphs found in New South Wales Australia
Merneptah Stele   Translation of the text on the Merneptah Stele
Victory Stele of Piye   Translation of the text on the Victory Stele of Piye
The Book of Gates   Analysis of the Book of Gates - Book of the Dead.
Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser   Text on the Black Obelisk of Assyrian king Shalmaneser II
The Ziggurat   History of the Ziggurat
Persepolis - Apadana   The Black, White, and Mulatto people of the Persian Empire
Exodus: Gods and Kings   Deconstructing the Lie and the Albino Fantasy of the Movie





Brazil Not Matching


Deconstructing Racial falsehoods created by the Albino people relating to the Americas

History of Slavery (1)   The History of Slavery World Wide, from ancient times to modern times
History of Slavery (2)   The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and related subjects From a U.S. and European Prospective
History of True Arab Slavery   History of the Oman and Zanzibar Sultanate - History of the Black Slave Trading Family
The first Slave in the U.S.   Deconstructing the many lies associated with the first Foreign born Blacks in North America
The reason for Black slavery   The reasons for Black Slavery and Albino Domination of the world







Whiteness and Albinism

What is Racism


An analysis of what racism really is

The White haplogroup "R"   Pictures/lists of Blacks and Whites who share this same haplogroup
How Race is Made   Concepts of race: Proof that there is only Blacks, Albinos, and their admixed Mulattoes.
Running from Albinism   The Nonsense of Black Europeans turning White for Vitamin "D"
Albinism Data   A comprehensive compilation of data associated with Albinism
Children of Grimaldi   The first Humans around the World were Blacks
Albino Racism   Albino Racism
Sexual Selection   What Role did Sexual Selection Play in the Evolution of Race?
Use of the term Albino   Importance of accepting the truth: Implications for the European Albino
Chameleon   How Central Asian Albinos came to be everyone, everywhere.
The Races of Man   Featuring the Red and Yellow People.
The Black human Race   Black Humans and their Albinos and Mulattoes
One Albino Parent   Predicting skin color of children with one Albino parent




The Arabian Peninsula



The Arabs - Who or What is an Arab?

The Arabs - 2

  Defining the Arabs - Genetically and Phenotypically



The Jews


  Are the White people who call themselves Jews, really of the Turkic tribe called Khazars? Genetic analysis says - YES!
Libyan Jews   Libyan and Arab Hebrews





  Are the White people who call themselves Basque really different from other Whites? No, just more inbred due to incest




Southern Europe

Black History by The Bones   Black History by analysis of skeletons in Greece, Africa, and various locations in the world
Alexander Mosaic   The Alexander Mosaic - Revealed NOT to be Greek, but a ROMAN mosaic.
Etruscan Language   What we know of the written language
Ostia   Artifacts and history of this archeological site which was the location of the harbor city of ancient Rome
The oldest coin in the world   Ancient coins depicting Blacks
Lineage of the Ancient Greeks   Herodotus Quotes detailing Lineage of the Ancient Greeks
Poseidonia/Paestum   Mostly Black Paintings from that ancient city in southern Italy
Pompeii   Mostly Black Paintings and the ash-mummfied Black people of Pompeii; a partially buried by Volcano, Roman city near modern Naples.
Etruscan Tomb Paintings   Black Etruscan Tomb Paintings and Sarcophagi from the Necropolises of Cerveteri and Tarquinia
Bog Mummies   Pictures of mostly Black Europeans killed and thrown into Peat Bogs/Mires
Black history in Europe   A Synopsis
Red and Yellow   Medieval Europe - A land ruled by Royal Redbone's and high-Yella's
National Geographic Admits   National Geographic and other studies, admitting that White people are from Central Asia
Russia   The history of Russia




Additional Art of Medieval and Renaissance era Blacks in Europe   Supplement to the images in Black Britain and Black Holy Roman Empire sections.
The Black Page as Status Symbol   The meaning conferred by Black boys in medieval portraits
Princess Pauline von Metternich   Biography of the Black Princess Pauline von Metternich
The Sabac el Cher family   A look at how relatives to the German Mecklenburg-Strelitz family of Black Queen Charlotte of Britain are depicted
Biographies of Blacks of note   Biographies of Blacks of note in ancient Britain
Order of the Garter   Pictures of the original members of the ancient order founded in 1348 by King Edward III
Life of Christ Manuscripts   Pictures of Blacks in Medieval Secular and "Life of Christ" Manuscripts
Eastern Christianity   Portraits of Black Russians, and Black religious figures from early times in Eastern Europe
Ancient Hungary   History - The beginnings of Hungary
Colchis and Eastern Iberia   History of Colchis and Eastern Iberia
Hannibal   Late history of the Phoenician/Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca.
Saint Maurice   The lie of the made-up story of St. Maurice
Kongo Ambassador   The lie of the made-up story of the Kongo Ambassador
The Mind   Lies, Stupidity, Hypocrisy, and delusion: The mind can be a terrible thing
Indian Cave Architecture   Indian caves with paintings and sculptures of Buddhist religious art
Jain religion of India   History of the Religion
European languages   European languages and their genesis
Biography of Prophet Muhammad   Biography of the Prophet Muhammad
Arab Texts (start)   Medieval Muslim Authors mention of the Zanj: (purportedly Africans from the area of Southern East Africa).
Dr. Clarke   Jews and other Whites: the so-called "conservative Blacks" and the rest of the Worlds people
Blacks and Jews   The relationships, past and present, between Blacks and Khazar Jews
Jefferson Davis   Like Queen Charlotte - How Confederate president Jefferson Davis's Mulatto wife was made White
British Education   The British will start to teach semi-truthful Black history
The I.Q. Test   The Albinos convoluted effort to seem superior


The Solomon Islands   History and people of the Solomon Islands
Examples of Human Evolution   Sinodonty and Sundadonty, the Andean Body, White Ear Wax
Dravidian language   The African origin of Dravidian language and culture
Black Nazi and Others   Pictures of Black Nazi soldiers
Adams Calendar   The oldest man made structure on earth - South Africa
Nonexistent Hittite   Proof that there was never a real people called Hittites.
Chinese Terracotta Soldiers   Pictures of Qin Dynasty Terracotta Soldiers of China; circa 200 B.C.
Admixture   The Nonsense of Admixture Studies
Black Human Types   Various unusual Black Phenotypes - Blonde hair , Blues eyes, etc.
Debunking the Bogus Cranial and Limb   Debunking the Bogus Cranial and Limb studies of Whites
Black Potpourri   Various Black Phenotypes
Mongolians   More pictures of Black Mongolians.
Black health   Debunking myths about Black lifespan
Melanin and the Brain   Melanin, Race, and the Brain
Mota Man   Skeleton found in Ethiopia and which the Albino scientists showed their true colors.
White population   Calculation of the worlds White population



An accidental expose of the Albinos malicious attempts to write Blacks out of History





Historical Video List

Our in-house made videos


The Lie and Albino Fantasy of the Movie Exodus: Gods and Kings

Dissecting the appropriateness of using White Actors to play Black ancient Egyptians in the Movie "Exodus: Gods and Kings".


Using Dna testing to prove the lie of Albino History.

Excerpt from a 60 minutes Exposé on Dna testing, showing that as the original humans, Blacks were Europeans, and share dna with all people, including European Albinos.



Racial descriptions of Royal Blacks and Noble Blacks of Britain: taken from late medieval Books.


The Truth about Egyptian Mummies v.2

An analysis of how Egyptian Mummies of foreign ethnicity are used, and manipulated, to make it appear that the ancient Egyptians were White people. Plus a condensed history of "Post" dynastic periods of foreign rule.


The Minoan's were not White people! V.2

This video is in answer to a totally bogus study done by U.S. and Cretan "So-called" researchers; Jeffery R. Hughey, Peristera Paschou, Petros Drineas, Donald Mastropaolo, Dimitra M. Lotakis, Patrick A. Navas, Manolis Michalodimitrakis, John A. Stamatoyannopoulos & George Stamatoyannopoulos: which claims that the ancient Minoan's were White people. It was published in Nature Communications, 14 May 2013.


How Race is Made

The genesis of races, and how human diversity is achieved.


Barbados - History of

Self explanatory


The Nonsense of White genes

Debunking the myth that White people have separate genes from Blacks: specifically Haplogroup "R"


Black History in Europe - A Synopsis

Self explanatory


Silly Things White People Say

False things White people say to make themselves feel unique: i.e. Only White people have straight hair, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, etc.

(This video was vindictively portrayed as racist by a viewer, and youtube gladly deleted it as such, luckily it had been copied and uploaded by others).


Evidence for Black Genocide in Europe and the Americas

Medieval evidence indicates that there is millions of Black people missing from the current populations of Europe and the Americas. This video first proves their original existence: by scientific studies, historical documents, and artifacts. And then examines evidences of what may have happened to them.
Thus this video seeks to answer the question:
Is there evidence of Black genocide?


Evidence for Black Genocide in Europe and the Americas - Europe

This video will address questions and issues raised in the original video relating to Europe, and Black European Genocide specifically. It examines evidences of a large Black majority pre-medieval population in Europe, and reasons for their subsequent demise.


Naive - Thinking that Whites would tell you the truth

A demonstration of how whites, and White institutions, use their control over artifacts and media, to promote a false (fantasy) White history.


Origin and History of the White Race - Part 1

History of Modern Mans migrations out of Africa. The founding of Modern mans first civilizations. Who are White people, where did the White race originate. The early history of the White race.


Origin and History of the White Race - Part 2

History of Modern Mans migrations out of Africa. The founding of Modern mans first civilizations. Who are White people, where did the White race originate. The early history of the White race. Part 2


Rebuilding The Family Tree CBS News -

Nigeria journalist -

The Dominican Republic: The People of Color That Say They Are Not Black






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