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The Black Potpourri

Or - What and who is Black?


Many Whites foolishly say: "That doesn't look Black or They're not Black" as if they knew something about what Black is. Often this is not malicious, it just demonstrates that they have come to believe their own nonsense. Mainly as a way to deny their Albino origins, many Whites have convinced themselves that they represent a legitimate branch of the Human tree. The Mongols too, are in this same state of denial.

Whites often foolish say: We have Blonde and Red hair, only Whites have that! Or, Whites have high nose bridges and narrow noses, only Whites have that! Or, We have straight Hair, only Whites have that! Or, We have thin lips, only Whites have that! etc, etc. The Mongols might say: We have slanty eyes, Epicanthic folds, fatty eye lids (Xanthalesma), and our heads are shaped differently!

But of course, the reality is quite different. Though there are "Typical" White features, and there are "Typical" Mongol features. There is no such thing as "typical" Black features. As would be expected, since Blacks are the source of ALL other Humans, then Blacks MUST have the exact "SAME" features as ALL other Humans, and indeed they do. You will find Blacks with every variation of the human Head shape, and noses, lips, eyes, and hair.

Note below: Blacks with Straight Narrow noses, Broad low noses, and everything in between. Full lips, Thin lips, and everything in between. Straight hair, pepper corn hair, and everything in between. Round eyes, slanty eyes, and everything in between. Round heads, long heads, and everything in between. High Cheek bones, Low Cheek bones, and everything in between. Green eyes, Blue eyes. Blonde hair, Red hair. AND every variation of Skin color - EXCEPT ONE! See below.





An example of White foolishness - this by the degenerate Albino idiot Carleton S. Coon.

Asian Eyes Climatic Adaptation
Asian eyes vary because they are adapted to different climates. In the cold climate of the Far East, Far East Asians have more fat on their eyelids which causes an inner eyelid fold (Xanthalesma). (Coon, paragraph 28) This fat warms the eyes, conserving body heat. Conversely, in the hot climates of Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent Asians have eyes adapted to heat. These eyes have limited fat above their eyes. This makes their eyeballs look sunken into their skull and the spherical shape of their eyes to stand out clearly.

The San woman above, (second from left) with Xanthalesma, lives in Southern Africa.

Degenerate Albino liars like Coon, also claim that prognathism is a "Typical" Black trait. This obviously to make them feel better about their Albinism. But like almost everything Whites say: it is a lie. This Potpourri contains images of just about every Human phenotype, they are all Black, but only one is even just a little prognathic.






Normal healthy Blacks have EVERY variation of Human attributes, including Skin Color - except one! Normal healthy Blacks do NOT have White Skin. That is reserved for Blacks who have the genetic disorder called Albinism.

Mongols are derived from Africans with what has come to be called Mongol features, admixed with Albinos - including the Dravidian type Albino.

European Whites (formerly of Central Asia) are derived from the Albinos of the Dravidian type Blacks found in India.


The Bhatti tribe of Pakistan still produces Albinos identical to the Germanics. (Pakistan was originally part of India).










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