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Why a Moroccan Mulatto Looks the

same as a Mulatto in the Americas



Salaheddine Benchikhi (Born Casablanca, 1980) is a Dutch writer, blogger, television presenter and theater maker of Moroccan descent. Benchikhi was born in Morocco but moved to Rotterdam as a baby. Benchikhi first appeared on television in 2006 when Sunny Bergman followed him for the De Toekomst program : Hoezo integratie? from the VPRO . In 2012 and 2013 he was a columnist for the NCRV program Altijd Wat. For the NPS he created the Ab & Sal program (2007 and 2010), for the NTR SalaheddineNL (2011), Blauw en bont (2014) and Salaheddine examines (2015). And for the VPRO Salaheddine reporting a series in America (2014). His American programs mostly consist of (street) interviews and are about the multicultural society and topics related to the Moroccan community.

In 2014 Moroccan Salaheddine Benchikhi went to New York City U.S.A. and other American cities and did a survey by asking people: "From where do you think I am from? Some thought him Black American, some guessed Latin American, some guessed Northwest Africa, some said Middle Eastern.









The following Videos chronicle his survey.

Salaheddine in America. (1 to 6)


Those familiar with American Hemisphere phenotypes recognized his common phenotype immediately: There are thousands who look just like him in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and in other places all over Latin America.


Because like him, they are the Mulattoes of Blacks and Spanish speaking Central Asian Albinos: i.e. Blacks and Visigoths, Alan's and Vandal's (Germanic's all).

Albino Germanic's are the Albino people who conquered and settled Spain in the early modern era (400s): Spain invaded North Africa after the Moors were expelled from Spain in 1492; so that by 1510 Spain controlled all of the North African Coast west of Algiers. (See the history of North Africa section).

And of course, the Spanish were the Albinos to begin the conquest of the Americas, and the extermination of 90% of it's inhabitants: (130 million Souls).




Real "Pure-Blood" Moroccan's

























However, Salaheddine Benchikhi's phenotype is more common in the Caribbean, because Caribbean Native Americans were mostly Black, as there were few Mongol Tribes in the Caribbean.




























Whereas in "MAINLAND" America, there were many Mongol Tribes, of varied Skin Colors, and they produce a different type Mulatto, one mostly, but not exclusively, characterized by the Mexican Mestizo. See the "Casta Paintings" pages in the Special Subjects Section for examples.













































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