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Curly Hair - Kinky Hair - Straight Hair

There are Three Races - White, Mongol, and the Black;

the original Humans of Africa who branched out from Africa to populate the rest of the world.


Question - Why do most White and Mongol people have Straight Hair, while most Black people have Curly or Kinky Hair?

The answer is Albinism.

Albinism is the reason why there is a White Race in the first place, and that Whiteness of Albinism is also part of the reason why there is the admixed Mongol Race.

These are just some of the changes Albinism makes to the Human body.


White Skin, Blue Eyes, Blonde or Red Hair are the most common symptoms of the disease of Albinism. However there is one more common symptom of Albinism - Straight Hair! Though the evidence of Albinism straightening hair is not as obvious as the other effects of Albinism, it is empirical, and clearly obvious, when one is focused on investigating the issue.

So then, on the issue of STRAIGHT HAIR! What accounts for it? And why do MOST Negroid Blacks have curly hair?

First - we need to determine by evidence, if STRAIGHT HAIR is an ADVANCED mutation, or a RECESSIVE mutation (Like White Skin).
We can do that by looking at a variety of creatures on Planet Earth with straight Hair.

















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Think of Bill O’Reilly of Fox news,

and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Ignorance caused Bill to put his foot in his mouth.



The evidence clearly indicates that almost ALL of the worlds low-level animals have STRAIGHT HAIR. Whereas NATURAL AND NORMAL "Original" Humans (Negroid Africans), mostly have curly hair. Logically then straight hair in HUMANS MUST be a RECESSIVE mutation. So HOW does this recessive mutation occur?

The answer is simple - Albinism! Though it's complicated, the empirical evidence is incontrovertible.

As proof, lets look at "Pure-Blood" Australians, a people who lived in isolation for perhaps 60,000 years or more.

We usually think of an "Ethnic" population as all having the same general phenotype features. But look at the difference in Hair type demonstrated by the native people of Australia.











We know the Australians variety in hair type is due to Albinism because of the OTHER effects Albinism has on otherwise "healthy" Black Humans.











Our Human Genes

Each gene resides at a specific locus (location on a chromosome) in two copies, one copy of the gene inherited from each parent. As a simplistic example: When two Chinese mate, the child will look Chinese because all the genes are healthy and all the genes are the same. But if a Chinese and a White European mate, the children will look like some combination of the two, because the "Appearance" genes are not all the same. Gene copies, however, are not always healthy. When the copies of a gene differ from each other, as through deleterious mutation or failure: Then in this heterozygous condition, we call the two parts “Alleles” and the undamaged or un-mutated allele is dominant, and the organism’s appearance and function is normal. The damaged "other" allele has no noticeable effect on the organism’s appearance, and is called the “Recessive” allele.

When BOTH alleles of a gene become recessive, then the gene cannot complete its assignment. As an example: many Black people have alleles of their “P” gene which are heterozygous and they look normal in every way: (The “P” gene controls the production of Melanin in the skin for protection from the Sun). But if TWO of these people with heterozygous alleles in their “P” gene MATE, then one or more, of their children will be an Albino. If two Albinos mate, there is only damaged or recessive “P” genes to inherit; therefore ALL of their children will be White. The trait for curly hair (which is the normal for humans) follows the same rules, two damaged or recessive allele’s of the "TCHH" gene means straight hair. Same for the genes which control eye color and hair color: (Blonde and Red hair is recessive, as is Blue, Green, and Gray eyes).

Note: The trait for Curly/Kinky hair (which is the "Normal" for humans): is produced by two "Undamaged" TCHH genes. That means that "Curly Hair" is "ANCESTRAL" to Modern Humans. You might keep that in mind the next time you see the White mans depictions of ancient humans shown with "Straight" hair.






The Worlds largest population of "Straight Haired" Blacks, is in India of Asia: A "highly" Admixed population.






The Worlds largest population of "Straight Haired OTHERS", is in East Asia: Which are "Highly" Admixed populations.






Some background on Human hair:

Huffington Post; The Missing Education on Black Hair


There are five classifications of Afro-textured hair, all of which are variations of curly hair. These classifications range from a looser curl texture to a tightly curly or coily texture. While the biochemical composition of Afro-textured hair is identical to that of Caucasians and Asians, it is its morphological difference in elasticity and comb-ability that causes Afro-textured hair to have different needs.

This curly disposition leaves the hair more susceptible to breakage. Styling tools such as combs and brushes, for example, force the curls to elongate, but the curls naturally resist, resulting in breakage. Delicate care is thus needed to preserve hair growth and avoid hair damage. The curliness of Afro-textured hair also causes it to have less moisture content than other ethnic groups. Every ethnic group’s scalp naturally produces a lubricant called sebum, which is an oily substance that moisturizes and protects the hair follicle. Water is the second source of moisture that all ethnic groups need to moisturize their hair. Both sebum and water travel down the hair shaft to lubricate the hair, but when these two elements are not able to travel all the way down the hair shaft or absorb into the hair strand, it leads to dry hair.

The shape of curly hair, especially tightly curly hair, does not create a straight path for sebum and water to travel all the way down the hair shaft — this is why afro textured hair looses moisture quickly after washing. Dry hair, or hair without moisture, reduces hair pliability and makes it even more difficult to manipulate the hair without breakage, which is one of the reasons that moisture retention is very important for healthy Afro-textured hair. Afro-textured hair, furthermore, does not benefit from daily washing. When hair is washed everyday it is stripped of its natural essential oils, which leads to dryness and weathering of the hair fiber. People with Afro-textured hair already have naturally dry hair so washing the hair frequently only increases this dryness and leads to damage.

So what is the "Evolutionary" advantage of "Curly Hair" and why is "Straight" Hair Recessive and "Evolutionarily Backward"?

Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan wrote something very similar on the function of Curly/kinky hair.

Hair, like skin, is part of our genetically malleable, adaptable, outer layer, protecting us from the elements: heat, cold, wetness, dryness, the ultra violet light of the Sun. Tightly coiled, moisture resistant head-hair creates an enhanced barrier to ultra-violet (UV) radiation by turning many times on itself. This configuration also allows the release of perspiration droplets into a more optimal evaporative state whereby the droplets capture the heat of air moving around the coils before the perspiration rolls off and evaporates the heat away from the body. Resulting in a Cool scalp, cool brain, and greater endurance. What happens when your Brain overheats: Dizziness, headache, loss of consciousness, inadequate blood flow to the brain.


Physiological and pathological brain hyperthermia.

Kiyatkin EA1.


While brain temperature is usually considered a stable, tightly regulated parameter, recent animal research revealed relatively large and rapid brain temperature fluctuations (approximately 3 degrees C) during various forms of naturally occurring physiological and behavioral activities. This work demonstrates that physiological brain hyperthermia has an intra-brain origin, resulting from enhanced neural metabolism and increased intra-brain heat production, and discusses its possible mechanisms and functional consequences. This work also shows that brain hyperthermia may also be induced by various drugs of abuse.




Conversely, straight hair would be a liability, as it is more moisture absorbent, becoming heavy and causing it to stick to adjacent hair shafts and the scalp, effectively blocking the airflow required for heat exchange and dissipation.


Which would lead one to wonder:

If straight hair HINDERS body cooling, why do MOST Animals, including NON-Negroid Humans, have straight hair?

The answer is quite simple:



Animals with few sweat glands, such as dogs, accomplish temperature regulation by panting, which evaporates water from the moist lining of the oral cavity and pharynx.






Cutaneous Comparative Biology
William Montagna, PhD


This article reports the biological properties and adaptive patterns of structure and function of mammalian skin. There is an inverse relation between the richness of pelage and the thickness and complexity of epidermal undersurface of the epidermis. Active melanocytes are numerous in the viscera and must have other functions than making melanin. The dermis follows a stereotyped structural pattern, but shows many species differences; no animal has the amounts of elastic tissue, vascularity, and nerves as does the human. Hair follicles differ in different species and in various parts of the body, and are parts of the cutaneous sensory system. Sebaceous and apocrine glands secrete pheromones. Except for horses, only man sweats in response to heat stimulation. Thermal sweating, therefore, can be studied only in man.




But while Kinky hair is a great advancement for the survival of Humans like these San Bushman in the Kalahari.






It's not all milk and honey for those who wish to emulate straight hairstyles. Like everything else, it's a two-edged sword.



More from Huffington:

As explained Afro-textured hair is naturally curly, and there are only two options to keep the hair straight, chemical straightening or heat straightening, both of which severely damage the hair fiber. Chemical straightening, also referred to as relaxers, physically and chemically changes the hair fiber. It damages the hair cuticles by opening up the hair shaft, which makes the hair strand very vulnerable to damage. It also causes damage to the scalp, and since the chemicals in relaxers are said to be toxic there are other health problems associated with its use. Heat straightening with blow dryers and flat irons also damage the hair by harming the hair cuticles and leads to the same problems as a chemical straightener. Keeping Afro-textured hair straight can be unhealthy for the hair, and in the case of a chemical straightener can also be unhealthy for the body. Straightening the hair is a choice not a requirement.












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