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Black Pundits and;

The El Paso Massacre




Sad but True:

We here at Realhistoryww continually marvel at how apparently intelligent Black people routinely swallow and believe whatever their best friends – The Albinos – tell them. What you say, who would be stupid enough to believe that the people who Enslaved, Murdered, Lynched, and relegated them to “Second-Class” citizenship would tell Blacks the truth about ANYTHING? Well that’s actually true – intelligent people would never believe them.

So as expected, the Albinos who are actually a very small minority of the Human Race, use all of their power over the worlds media (News, Television, Movies, Books, Magazines, etc.) to present an image of the world where it APPEARS that they are the MAJORITY population of the World.

And of course, here is where those “Gullible Negroes” (the Albinos educated and promoted) come in handy. On any given day in the United States (and other countries) you will find highly educated Blacks (from the most prestigious Universities) talking about Black Americans being from Africa (African-Americans): instead of them being Native Americans and Expelled Black Europeans as they really are.











Talk about an investment paying off,

these “Educated” Blacks will keep Blacks confused for centuries more to come.








Dean of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences





Henry Louis Gates, Jr., is the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University. Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, literary scholar, journalist, cultural critic, and institution builder.



Update; Aug. 2019

As a reminder, the Albino people and their Mulattoes in

Iran, North Africa, The Middle East, and Arabia are TURKS!



On Aug. 19, 2019: Lester Holt, anchor of NBC Nightly News (a well behaved Negro), hosted his program from Iran. He spoke to many people, and showed some crowd scenes of Iranian people. But NOT once did he show a BLACK or BROWN person (Persians), even though according to the CIA Factbook, they are the single largest ethnicity in Iran.









So; in compliance with World-Wide Albino Media, that

"Well Behaved Negro Lester Holt" wants you to believe that







The almost Mythical "African-American"


Exactly how much of the Black American population is derived from Black Asians (Black Indians), as opposed to Black Europeans, will not be known until Blacks do their own scientific research.

But as a "Point of fact" this modern nonsense of the ignorant: equating Black Americans with Africans, is totally NEW!

The term African-American has crept steadily into the nation's vocabulary since 1988, when the Rev. Jesse Jackson held a news conference to urge Americans to use it to refer to blacks. "It puts us in our proper historical context," Jackson said. Then adding in a recent interview that he still favored the term. "Every ethnic group in this country has a reference to some land base, some historical cultural base. African-Americans have hit that level of cultural maturity he said." (This is the same Jesse Jackson who went all over the World getting Black children to chant: "I AM SOMEBODY"). Clearly he felt they were "Nobodies" before he came along.

The truth of the matter can be found in Albino documents regarding Blacks: In the very first census in 1790, the population was categorized as "Free White: Males, Females (sub. adult and under 16), and "All other Free Persons", and Slaves. In the 1850 census, Americas "Free inhabitants" are categorized by age, sex, White, Black, or Mulatto. The Slave population was categorized by age, sex, and color (Yes - there were "White" Slaves). By the 1860 census Blacks and Mulattoes were categorized as "Colored". One would expect that if there were large numbers of Africans, the census would have a category for them, as it did for the nativity of Europeans and all others.

But please note: Only 308,005 African Slaves were imported into the United States. The "PIP" Replacement level fertility number, is a scientific calculation of needed "Live Births". This is the level of fertility at which a population exactly replaces itself from one generation to the next in "DEVELOPED Industrialized Countries" it is 2.1 children per woman". (Provided they live to adulthood and produce children of their own) .

(Fertility rate is generally expressed as the number of births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44 in a calendar year).

As an example, the birth rate in Japan is 1.44 births per woman (2016).

Thus each year the Japanese population declines by 0.1% each year.

However, because of the horrible conditions of Slavery: Poor Food, little Rest, Over-work, Short life-span, High Infant mortality, Beatings etc. Logically then, one can safely assume that for ill-fed, overworked, high infant mortality Slaves, with none or minimal medical attention; the number would be much higher, perhaps 6 or 7 children would need to be born - JUST TO MAINTAIN THE SLAVE POPULATION AT CURRENT LEVELS. Thus we calculate that the U.S. population of Blacks derived from those African Slaves imported into the United States from 1651 to 1875, would be less than 280,000 people today.



What was Life Like Under Slavery

Digital History ID 3040

Slaves suffered extremely high mortality. Half of all slave infants died during their first year of life, twice the rate of white babies. And while the death rate declined for those who survived their first year, it remained twice the white rate through age 14. As a result of this high infant and childhood death rate, the average life expectancy of a slave at birth was just 21 or 22 years, compared to 40 to 43 years for antebellum whites. Compared to whites, relatively few slaves lived into old age.

A major contributor to the high infant and child death rate was chronic undernourishment. Slaveowners showed surprisingly little concern for slave mothers' health or diet during pregnancy, providing pregnant women with no extra rations and employing them in intensive field work even in the last week before they gave birth. Not surprisingly, slave mothers suffered high rates of spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, and deaths shortly after birth. Half of all slave infants weighed less than 5.5 pounds at birth, or what we would today consider to be severely underweight.

Infants and children were badly malnourished. Most infants were weaned early, within three or four months of birth, and then fed gruel or porridge made of cornmeal. Around the age of three, they began to eat vegetables, soups, potatoes, molasses, grits, hominy, and cornbread. This diet lacked protein, thiamine, niacin, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, and as a result, slave children often suffered from night blindness, abdominal swellings, swollen muscles, bowed legs, skin lesions, and convulsions.

Copyright 2019 Digital History





Data uncovers lies

To see the discongruent nature of the Albino lies regarding the United States Black population, we need only look at the official Census figures for 1860 (just before the Civil War).

United States

The 15 Slave States were: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. From the 1860 Census we get this data titled “Slaveholder's and Slaves by State” on page 223: The total (Slave States) population was 12,240,000: of those Whites = 8,039,000: Free Black = 250,000: Slaves = 3,950,000. Thus the total Black population IN THE 15 SLAVE STATES “ONLY” was 4,200,000 people. All that from just 308,005 African Slaves?

Of course not, the great majority of United States Slaves were Black European survivors of the “Thirty Years War” AND the British “Civil Wars”: [which were of course "Race" Wars historically disguised as Religious Wars by Albinos. As to how such a thing could happen - keep in mind that the Mongols emptied Asia of ALL of its Albinos, save for the Uyghur peoples of Xinjiang. Black Europe was never densely populated, thus the millions upon millions of incoming Albinos - Turks being the last in. Finally became more than Black Europe could absorb, the Albinos seeing their great numerical advantage attacked]. Of course (Real) Black Indians were also enslaved, their proportion in the total Slave population will require further research of the genetic type.

For comparison: note the figures for situations were Africans were the majority Slave population.


Between 1626 and 1850: 374,601 African Slaves were imported into Barbados. Historical demography, suggests life expectancy of 20 years and a very high infant mortality for slaves in Barbados. In 1900 (66 years after abolition of Slavery (1834) the population was 182,000. In that time the Black population declined by 192,873 people (51.4%) from the total imported.


Between 1576 and 1876: 934,264 African Slaves were imported into Jamaica. In 1900 (66 years after abolition of Slavery (1834) the population was 781,000. In that time the Black population declined by 153,264 people (16.4%) from the total imported. There is no data on life expectancy from birth of Slaves in Jamaica.



We here at Realhistoryww, are determined to provide the truth to all who can find us.




The El Paso Massacre

How often have you heard one of the Albino educated and indoctrinated T.V. Pundits refer to Slavery as Americas “Original Sin”? Well, they didn’t even come up with that themselves, as usual, an Albino had to create the phrase, and then give it to them to repeat. And here is the truly sad part, they didn’t even know enough to understand all of what the Albino was talking about. This quote is from a Book called “America's Original Sin” by Jim Wallis (2015); and in the book Wallis says this: “Ironically and tragically, American diversity began with acts of violent racial oppression that I am calling “America’s original sin”—the theft of land from Indigenous people who were either killed or removed, and the enslavement of millions of Africans who became America’s greatest economic resource—in building a new nation. The theft of land and the violent exploitation of labor were embedded in America’s origins.

So no Negro Pundits, Slavery was NOT “America’s original sin”, GENOCIDE was! And in this case I must agree with the Albinos; the enslavement of 308,005 Africans pales in comparison to the Murder of 85,000,000 mostly Black Native Americans; (Evidence suggests that the “Underclass” Mongols of the Americas were the major force in allowing the Albinos to defeat the Black Armies of the Americas - later, they themselves were subjugated. See the special subject page: “Conquest of the Americas” and related pages. Of course these Negro pundits have no idea that the real Indians of the Americas were Blacks.

But it appears that a surprising number of Albinos who hate them do! On the morning of August, 3, 2019, a lone gunman killed 22 people and injured 24 others. The shooting occurred at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, United States. Patrick Wood Crusius, age 21, was arrested shortly after the shooting began and was charged with capital murder. Police believe that the suspect published a white nationalist, anti-immigrant manifesto on social media immediately before the attack. The post cites inspiration from the Christchurch mosque shootings and refers to the white genocide conspiracy theory.


Is the one on the left really Crusius?




This is part of Patrick Wood Crusius' manifesto.


Clearly, this 21 year-old Albino murderer named Patrick Wood Crusius, has a better knowledge and understanding of American "Race History" than the average "College Educated" middle-aged Black American. That's really scary, because as these Albino educated and indoctrinated T.V. Pundits continue to further "Dumb-Down" Black America, we can imagine the Albino Supremacist coming for them, and they not understanding what is really at issue. Can't you just hear this conversation: What?? what I do? you enslaved me, I didn't do nothing to you!


Connection To Other Recent White Supremacist Attacks

The El Paso shooter's methods and ideology has notable, and often explicitly stated, similarities to other white supremacist attacks. Crusius, like Tarrant, mentioned a belief in the imminent danger of "white genocide," also known as the "great replacement." Tarrant, like the Norwegian shooter Andres Breivik, viewed Muslims as invaders threatening white civilization. Meanwhile, Robert Bowers, who attacked the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, and John Earnest, the shooter targeting Jews in Poway, California, viewed Jews as the greatest threat.

All these shooters stated that they acted from a sense of urgency and in self-defense. They viewed themselves as some of the few defenders of an endangered white race. Driven by this certainty, all four sought to publish manifestos presenting what they believed to be the rational arguments informing their choice to attack. Moreover, Crusius, Earnest, and Tarrant explicitly cited other white supremacists as their inspiration, expressed a sense of comradery with an online community who shared their ideology, and called on it to continue in the struggle. They also provided operational advice to be used by others in future attacks.

The many links between these attackers suggest that while they may initially seem like "lone wolf" extremists, they are in fact part of an active community, which views itself as the vanguard in a critical struggle seeking to spread its ideas and encourage further attacks. (for an in-depth analysis of potential online threats, see MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1457,


The Great Replacement, also known as replacement theory, is a white nationalist right-wing conspiracy theory which states that, with the complicity of “replacist” elites,[a] the white French population—as well as white European population in Europe at large—is being progressively replaced with non-European peoples, specifically Arab, Berber, and Sub-Saharan African Muslim populations from Africa and the Middle East, through mass migration and demographic growth. The theory was the basis of Renaud Camus's 2011 book The Great Replacement (French: Le Grand Replacement). It specifically associated the presence of Muslims in France with potential danger and destruction of French culture and civilization. Camus and other conspiracy theorists attribute this process to intentional policies advanced by global and liberal elites (i.e. the “replacists”) from within the Government of France and the European Union, and describe it as a “genocide by substitution.”

The Great Replacement is included in a larger white genocide conspiracy theory that has spread in Western far-right movements since the late 20th century. Despite their common reference to a "genocide" of indigenous white peoples and a global plan led by a conspiring power, Camus's theory does not include an anti-Semitic Jewish plot; which is, according to political scientist Jean-Yves Camus and historian Nicolas Lebourg, a reason for its broader success. By 2019, in an attempt to distance his works from the theory, Renaud Camus himself labelled the Great Replacement, and the white nationalist and supremacist movements globally adopting its doctrine, as a “nephew of Nazism.”



In his manifesto, the El Paso shooter states that he was inspired by Tarrant's manifesto to target the Hispanic community. Like Tarrant, he views immigration as an "invasion," and an attempt to replace the white race. He states: "This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas, (here he is using the words of President Donald Trump). They are the instigator, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion." Hispanics, he continues, "will turn Texas into an instrument of a political coup which will hasten the destruction of our country." He states that the main idea he wishes to convey in his manifesto is that "Inaction is a choice. I can no longer bear the shame of inaction knowing that our founding fathers have endowed me with the rights needed to save our country from the brink [of] destruction." Europe is similarly under attack, he believes, but there people do not have "the gun rights needed to repel the millions of invaders that plague their country." He goes on to state that America can only be destroyed from the inside, and that should it fall, it will be the fault of traitors. This is why he believes his actions to be 'faultless' – not an act of imperialism, but an act of preservation.

People who attribute racist motives to his attack are hypocritical, he states, "because they support imperialistic wars that have caused the loss of tens of thousands of American lives and untold numbers of civilian lives". He adds, "the argument that mass murder is okay when it is state sanctioned is absurd. Our government has killed a whole lot more people for a whole lot less."

Regarding his choice to target Hispanics, the writer states that even if other non-immigrant targets would have a greater impact, he could not bring himself to kill other Americans, including Americans who seem hell-bent on destroying their country, who he refers to as "shameless race mixers, massive polluters, haters of our collective values.." He declares his long-time objection to "race mixing" as based in his belief that it "destroys genetic diversity and creates identity problems." He argues that racial diversity will disappear as either race mixing or genocide will take place. Nevertheless, he claims that the idea of murdering all non-whites is horrific because many of them have been in the country for at least as long as whites, and have done a lot to help build the country.

He goes on to state that at this time the best solution will be to divide America into a confederacy of territories, with at least one territory for each race, arguing that physical separation will almost completely eliminate race mixing, and thus improve social unity by granting each race the right of self-determination in their own territory.

Political, Economic, And Environmental Reasoning

According to the manifesto, both the Democratic and the Republican parties in the U.S. have been failing the American public for decades due to their complacency and due to the "takeover of the United States government by unchecked corporations, one of the biggest betrayals of the American public in history." He predicts that the U.S. will soon be controlled by the Democrats in a one-state country because of the demise of the baby-boomer generation, the anti-immigration rhetoric of the right, and the growing Hispanic population in the U.S. He claims that Democrats intend to implement open borders, provide free healthcare to illegal immigrants, grant them citizenship, and carry out a political coup, "importing and then legalizing millions of new voters." This, he believes, will transform Texas into a Democratic stronghold held by the Hispanic population. Republicans, meanwhile, are also culpable in the replacement of the white race, as so many Republican factions prioritize corporate interests, thus encouraging immigration as a cheap labor force.

The manifesto also addresses the automation of the work force, which the writer believes to be one of the most pressing issues of our time: "In under two decades, half of American jobs will be lost to it [automation]." He argues that the "invaders," who have very high birthrates compared to other ethnicities, will take up American jobs, thus exacerbating the effect of automation on job opportunities. On the other hand, he argues that automation may have a positive effect as it will eliminate the need for migrants who fill unskilled jobs that "Americans can't survive on anyway." Migrants do the "dirty work," he says, yet their children typically do not: "They want to live the American Dream which is why they get college degrees and fill higher-paying skilled positions." He argues that corporations attempt to maintain a cheap work force by lobbying for more illegal immigrants to enter the country. Furthermore, these corporations, he states, lobby for visas to be issued for skilled foreign workers, which in his view, is aimed at keeping wages low.

Another perceived threat he describes in the manifesto is environmental damage led by corporate interests that will negatively impact future generations. To him, this too is an anti-immigration argument. He states that since Americans are not willing to change their materialistic, consumerist lifestyle, "the next logical step is to decrease the number of people in America using resources. If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can become more sustainable." Likewise, he states, the welfare system can become more effective if tens of millions of recent immigrants are removed.

Preparing For The Attack

The manifesto discusses the reason for choosing to attack with a semi-automatic AK47 rifle. The author states that he did not spend a lot of time preparing for the attack, estimating that he spent less than a month preparing, due to the urgency of his need to take action. He states: "I have to do this before I lose my nerve. I figured that an under-prepared attack and a meh manifesto is better than no attack and no manifesto." He also states that he expects to die in the attack: "If I'm not killed by the police, then I'll probably be gunned down by one of the invaders. Capture in this case is far worse than dying during the shooting because I'll get the death penalty anyway. Worse still is that I would live knowing that my family despises me."

A Message To Those Planning Similar Attacks

Addressing those who may decide to carry out similar attacks, Crusius advises against attacking heavily guarded areas in a way that would serve to fulfill a "super soldier COD [Call of Duty video game] fantasy" but rather to attack low security targets.

The manifesto concludes with a further expression of allegiance to what he believes is a growing movement: "Many people think that the fight for America is already lost. They couldn’t be more wrong. This is just the beginning of the fight for America and Europe. I am honored to head the fight to reclaim my country from destruction."


We do not understand how such a logical and intelligent thinker could be a mass murderer - and we won't try.

But it's damn scary!



Because we usually ascribe such inhuman acts to Morons like this guy.




Prosecutor: Man body-slammed boy after national anthem snub

Associated Press - August 6, 2019


This violent moron is typical of Trump and his people:




SUPERIOR, Mont. (AP) — A man is facing an assault charge after Montana authorities say he threw a 13-year-old boy to the ground at a rodeo because the teenager didn't remove his hat when the national anthem was played. The boy was taken to a hospital in Spokane, Washington - 140 miles away, but details about his condition were not released. Court documents filed by Mineral County Attorney Ellen Donohue said the boy was flown to the hospital for a possible concussion and fractured skull. Curt James Brockway, 39, told a sheriff's deputy that he asked the boy to remove his hat out of respect for the national anthem playing before the start of the county rodeo on Saturday. A witness, Taylor Hennick, told the Missoulian she was at the rodeo on Saturday when she heard a "pop" and saw the boy on the ground, bleeding from his ears. The assailant justified his actions by saying the boy "was disrespecting the national anthem so he had every right to do that," Hennick said.








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