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Collage of Native American Types



Study - Humans were in America 100,000 years earlier than we thought.

By Gisela Crespo, CNN, April 26, 2017

The remains of a mastodon discovered during a routine excavation in

California shows possible human activity in North America 130,000 years ago --

or about 115,000 years earlier than previously thought.


Blacks were the first and original settlers of the Americas;

with Mongols crossing the Bering straits in the Clovis timeframe.

Read about it in the Pre-historic America section.
























































































































































































A racist story of the origin of

races for Peruvian children.


The following is attributed to Monica Carrillo Peru blog.

A book approved by the Peruvian Secretary of Education for primary school use has a story about the origin of the races. The story says all people were in a river. First, white people left the river, and then using the waste water, the indigenous people (Mongols) left the river, for this reason they were darker than whites. At the end, using the dirty water, black people left the river. Like everywhere else in the World, the Vile Albinos have taught the Native Blacks (the Original people of the land), that there presence there is the result of Albinos bringing them there as Slaves. To what extent the lie is believed, is not known to us.































Black Native Americans (Paleoamericans)
Mongoloid Phenotype American Indian











































































Black Native Americans (Paleoamericans)































Black Native Americans (Paleoamericans)













































































































































































































































































































































































































Collage of Casta Paintings

































Mestizo; (in Latin America) a man of mixed race, especially the offspring of a Spaniard and an American Indian.

Español/Española = Spanish
Casta = Breed
Mora = Black
Morisco = Moorish
Chino = Chinese
Lobo = Wolf


Español con India = Mestizo

Mestizo con Española = Castizo

Castizo con Española = Español

Español con Mora (Black) = Mulato

Mulato con Española = Morisco (Moorish)

Morisco con Española = Chino (Chinese)

Chino con India = Salta atras

Salta atras con Mulata = Lobo (Wolf)

Lobo con China = Gibaro

Gibaro con Mulata = Albarazado

Albarazado con Negra = Canbujo

Canbujo con India = Sanbaigo

Sanbaigo con Loba = Calpamulato

Calpamulato con Canbuja = Tente en el Aire

Tente en el Aire con Mulata = Noteentiendo (No te entiendo)

Noteentiendo con India = Tornaatraz (Torna atras)

















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