Ancient Man and His First Civilizations


MacGregor Man



MacGregor Man - named for a previous owner.
This polished black basalt figure of a male wearing a hood and penis sheath was once in the collection of the Rev William MacGregor, and is said to have been found in the region of Naqada. The authenticity of this sculpture has been questioned, (it does not appear to be Egyptian or ancient). In order to authenticate this statue, some have pointed to aspects of its dress and pose finding parallels in early art, such as the Hierakonpolis ivories and the Min colossi from Koptos.

The problem here is that the Hierakonpolis ivory comb on the left, depicts a predynastic man with a pointed Beard, MacGregor man is wearing a Hood with a pointed bottom.

Additionally, the Min colossi on the right, does not have a head, the remnant on his upper chest is of a Beard. Also, he is not wearing a penis sheath, he is holding his penis in his hand, the remnant of his testicles is clearly visible.

Of course, there are other issues: A hood is a cold weather garment, a penis sheath is hot weather gear, how did the two get combined?

So, is it authentic - You be the judge!