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Sum of the White/European Albino population of the World


Note: Demographics taken from the CIA Factbook 2016


Some working assumptions:

1) The African population is estimated to be 1.2 Billion people. This in spite of the fact that no African country has an accurate count of it's population. As an example: Nigeria is Africa's richest and most populous country. But half of it's population is Muslim, they have been at odds with the Christian population for generations. Does anyone think that either side would give the other an accurate count of it's population? Thus the inaccuracy of each country is multiplied by the number of African countries (55). Obviously the 1.2 Billion number was generated by Albinos anxious to hide Black populations and thus Black power - it should be treated as a very, very, loose approximation.

Outside of Africa, India has the largest Black population: note how the Albinos characterize India's population.

India: CIA Factbook = Indo-Aryan 72%, Dravidian 25%, Mongoloid and other 3% (2000).

India's mulattoes (Generally Hindu's) will certainly appreciate being called "Indo-Aryan's" but alas they are simply Central Asian Albino/Dravidian mulattoes.

Bangladesh is a nation of about 170 Black Indians, they are the same people as the so-called Indo-Aryan's in India - but they don't want to be Albinos.

So note how the Albinos characterize them:

Bangladesh: CIA Factbook = Bengali at least 98%, ethnic groups 1.1%

History note: Pakistan and Bangladesh were originally part of India until 1947, when they broke away. Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan and became independent in 1971.

Note how the Albinos characterize Pakistan:

Pakistan: CIA Factbook = Punjabi 44.68%, Pashtun (Pathan) 15.42%, Sindhi 14.1%, Sariaki 8.38%, Muhajirs 7.57%, Balochi 3.57%, other 6.28%

2) Central Asia was the incubator of the White/Albino Race, and there are still Albinos in Central Asia. But because Central Asians are so mixed today (with Mongols), it is impossible to get a clear count of what would be considered true Albinos: Therefore they are being ignored like all other similarly mixed populations.


This page is discontinued because the source data has been found to be too inaccurate.

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