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The Real Story of the Americas - in Brief



The Presidency of the buffoon/intellectually-challenged/apparently Alzheimer afflicted, Donald Trump: has generated anew, conversations and debate as to how the United States can come to terms with the truth about its Evil and Racist, past and present.

Almost all of these conversations identify the “Southern Cracker” as the evil racist holding the country back. And for sure the “Southern Cracker” - descendant of the Rebel Confederate and like-minded Whites, IS one of the evil racist forces holding the country back.

They have never given a damn about Truth, Justice, Democracy, or the Constitution of the United States: as evidenced by their “Gleeful” and sustained efforts to destroy the United States by force of Arms, (which they already tried, and still constantly threaten), or corrosive unwillingness to move past their Racial Fears and Paranoia. All the while, wrapping themselves in the American flag to impugn or dispute the morality or patriotism of others – a true master stroke of subversion.

But that brings us to Americas TRUE problem!

Surprise, Surprise – It's NOT the aftermath of Slavery: Hell, it's not even Racism – IT'S THE WHITE MANS LIES!

(Not the least of which, is the nature of his Whiteness – see other videos).

But to the point: Please study the following photographs carefully, then please think carefully and answer the questions as they are asked:



Scientists have known that the Americas were settled by Mongol Asians about 12,000 years ago (the Clovis theory).


And by OTHERS, long before then, perhaps 100,000 years or more.

Those OTHERS are these Black people.






Question: WHO taught you that there were no Blacks in the Americas before the Whites imported African Slaves? Was it the Southern Cracker alone? Hell no, you would never have believed him.




In modern times; as Europeans Explored the Hemisphere, they made pictures of the Flora, fauna, and People. These are the people they found inhabiting the Americas when they arrived.


The "Real" Native New Yorkers!



The Aztecs







The Wisconsinites



The Californians



The Californians



The San Franciscans



The "Real" Mississippians




The Creek


The Muscogee, also known as the Creek People and the Creek Confederacy, are a closely related group of native North American tribes or Indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands. They are originally from a single confederated native land that now comprises Southern Tennessee, all of Alabama, western Georgia and part of northern Florida. Most of the original population of the Muscogee people were forcibly relocated in the 1830s from their native lands to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma): during what is called, the "Trail of Tears".



South Americans



South Americans



South Americans



South Americans














Before Whites decided to fool you, this is how they depicted America and Americans.





If "Real" native Americans are Black or Mongol:







then who are THESE people?










Those Mulattoes have lead to THIS!










So what are these Whites and their Mulattoes up to?



As usual, it's about stealing Black peoples lands.



Question: WHO taught you that those White Mulattoes of T.V. and Movies were what the REAL American Indians looked like? Was it the Southern Cracker alone? Hell no, you would never have believed him.


Question: WHO taught you that the American Indian was killed-off by Disease? Was it the Southern Cracker alone? Hell no, you would never have believed him.


Note - there can be no doubt that the Mongols sided with the Whites to defeat their Black Rulers.

Perhaps with cause: note the particulars of the "Flowery Wars".




Just as Blacks were the first Humans in the Americas - and everywhere else. They were also the FIRST Europeans.















Black Europeans were killed-off during the many "Race-Wars" in Europe. Most notably in the British "Civil" Wars, and the "Thirty Years" Wars on the continent, which was against the Black Ruled "Holy Roman Empire".







For those who still doubt that British Kings were Black men - Consider this portrait.




Please note the new cover "Modern" Whites have given the Book Leviathan.




It's called called "Whitenizing"

That's when White people substitute the image of a White person for a Black person in History.

They do it all the time, see page 2 of Black Britain.




After Europe's Whites had won their Race Wars, they expelled the survivors to the Americas as outright Slaves or Indentured Servants - along with White criminals.








Question: WHO taught you that there was no such a thing as a “Native” Black European? Was it the Southern Cracker alone? Hell no, you would never have believed him.





Question: WHO taught you that Whites were “Native” to Europe? Was it the Southern Cracker alone?

Hell no, you would never have believed him.



For those wondering how whites could have possibly defeated the armies of Europe's Black Kingdoms, consider this:

Between 1,200 B.C. and the so-called "Migration period" - Mongols chased ALL of Asia's Whites into Europe and Anatolia. The exploits of Attila the Hun and Genghis khan are best known, but certainly not unique. This involved many millions of White people - Black Europe simply couldn't withstand it.




Whites tell us that just 12.5% (37 million) is the Black population of the United States – yet Obama couldn't be stopped by Whites. The actual number is more like 85-90 million. (If you really thought that Whites would have told you the truth about your numerical strength - you are an idiot).


This applies to 90% of U.S. Blacks: WHO taught you that your ancestors were imported from Africa as Slaves? Was it the Southern Cracker alone? Hell no, you would never have believed him. As you can see, only 308,005 African Slaves were landed in North America. How can you get 85-90 million from 308,005? You can't! Most Black North Americans are derived from Black native Americans or Expelled Black Europeans.






Much is made of the altruism and sense-of-justice of the “Founding Fathers” of the United States. Not so, they were even more frightened of Blacks and Browns than today's Whites – note this 1751 essay by Benjamin Franklin:

Note: Swarthy means dark skinned. Modern Whites claim that Tawney means “Brownish-Yellow” or Tan: but Franklin's racial malevolence and association with Africa, suggests a darker complexion.





Definition of Terms from above:




Note: Europe sounds quite different than the Europe we know today. What do you suppose happened to all of those swarthy Germans, Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes? Just teasing – Whites killed them off of course, and those they didn't kill, they absorbed by miscegenation. See the story of “Black Morrow” in Wikipedia.


Amazingly, Whites have created a whole bogus history of the world, replacing Blacks with themselves, and creating thousands, perhaps millions, of fake artifacts to support their fake history. So what is the reason for all of the murder, killing, and lies? Is it just "Blood Lust" and pathological lying?

No, it's actually more mundane than that: It's about Fear, inadequacy, and greed.



In the 1600s, Whites were more open about their fears:





The fact is that at the bottom of World-Wide White racism, is the White fear (then and Now), that because of their small numbers, and limitations regarding Sun exposure, they cannot compete on equal footing with the rest of the Worlds people. (Whites cannot safely tolerate exposure to the Sun between latitude 40 degrees North: (the Mason-Dixon line in the U.S./ Central Spain and Portugal in Europe). And 40 degrees South: (Just south of Australia and central Chile). It should be noted that because of their love of the Sun, Australians have the highest incidence of “Skin Cancer” in the World.

Therefore the worlds Whites have had to use mastery of, and use of advanced weaponry, to keep the worlds nonwhites at bay – while pressing others into Slavery to do the work in the Sun that they cannot do safely for themselves. (Thus the reason why States ABOVE the Mason-Dixon line were free, and those BELOW were Slave States). As a consequence, wholesale killing and Murder of Indigenous peoples has been the Hallmark of White expansion.






The Albino Enslavers


European Albinos who chose to settle in areas of the Earth between 40 degrees North and 40 degrees South; knew fully well that they would NOT be able to do the FARMWORK necessary to support themselves with FOOD in those areas due to the Damaging/Killing strength of the Sun’s UV radiation at those latitudes. So they resolved to use the Slave Labor of pigmented people as a means to supply themselves with enough Food to live in those Latitudes.

At that point they were merely Parasites: - Par·a·site

An organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense. A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.

Wikipedia - In evolutionary biology, parasitism is a relationship between species, where one organism, the parasite, lives on or in another organism, the host, causing it some harm, and is adapted structurally to this way of life.

After Slavery was outlawed, they had to PAY pigmented workers to do that same work: so were they still Parasites? Actually yes, because by that time they had used the wealth and position created by slavery to structure societies to where the pigmented workers of Food production were the lowest class and the lowest paid, and thus eternally trapped in the Parasitic relationship. Even the advent of Mechanized agriculture has not done away with the need for Pigmented Workers in those areas, because many Crops cannot be harvested by machines.





It is well understood that the Albinos so low as to use the Slavery of others as a means to support themselves were the most degenerate and Murderous of all Albinos. But seeing the actual manifestation of this degeneracy is still shocking.

The Island of Tasmania sits South-east of Australia just outside of the Albino "Death Zone" for the Suns Ultra Violet Rays. In this place it was "SAFE" for Albinos to "Work Their Own Fields". So having no need to Enslave the Native Black people for their labors, what did they do with them?








As is typical with Albinos as the worlds historians, when the truth hurts Albinos image, they change the story. After many years of accepting William Lanne or Laney, who died in 1869 as the last Tasmanian. The Albinos, having seen the Worlds attitude toward them change, they can no longer revel in their power to kill by whim. So not surprisingly, we now see the Albino boys at Wiki, hard at work producing articles which confuse Tasmanian’s with mainland Australian Aborigines, and then declare that MORE Tasmanians (proportionally) are still alive than Aborigines.


Sick people that they are, their best lie is that they have killed more Blacks on the Mainland (proportionally), than they have in Tasmania. The simple concept that Civilized Humans think it wrong to murder, or to settle lands where you cannot survive naturally, never occurs to them.



For hundreds of years now, beginning just after the usurpation of Black rule in Europe during the 1600s. Albinos have made it their business to scour the world for every last bit of historical artifact and information they can find. They do this not because of a love of history, but rather to “CONTROL HISTORY” so as to shape it’s telling to support their self-serving lies.

As an example of how Albinos “Manage” and “Censor” History to suit their needs: the following was a part of the Wikipedia historical article on the Tasmanians until sometime in 2017, when it was decided by person or persons unknown, that it should be changed – no doubt because it showed Albinos in too “True” a light.

"OLD"-Wiki: Quote: The last of the Tasmanians, William Lanne or Laney, died in 1869. Dr. Lodewyk Crowther removed his head in the name of science at the Colonial Hospital, and made a tobacco pouch out of his scrotum.

Now the only place where that little detail can still be found is in a Wiki article titled “Human Trophy Collecting”. No doubt that will soon be “Sanitized” too.




The question "WHO taught you" was asked to elicit the understanding and acceptance that "ALL" White academics are complicit in the lies of your "Mis-education": Not just the obvious Racist. And as demonstrated by South Africa, a nation can not move forward until ALL of the truth is exposed and reckoned with. Half-truths only encourage mistrust and more lies.


Since Whites will never voluntarily admit their guilt, we must force them with our knowledge.





Please Don't let them laugh at our ignorance and stupidity any longer:

Learn, Educate Yourself!