Ancient Man and His First Civilizations

The True Negro (3)


"Real Africans"



The White Mans Science

We saw on page one, how the White man used the Lies of his bogus science to denigrate Blacks; Now lets look at how he tries to use the Lies of his bogus science to elevate himself. In trying to figure out where they came from, and why they look so different from other Humans, Whites developed their own field of scientific anthropology. But there was an immediate problem, everything that they found in the way of artifacts and Skeletons, related to Black people ONLY - including those in Europe! (To be clear: NO ancient skeletons of Caucasians have EVER been found anywhere other than in Asia! Though some in the Americas SHOULD be Caucasian, owing to their proximity to the Bering straits).

Finding out that they did NOT originate in Europe, must have been a great shock indeed. But ever ready with a Lie, the White man latched onto a truth that is the Liars best friend. The Best lie is the lie with a little "truth" in it. So they said; lets take all of the things that are characteristic of US, and make them EXCLUSIVELY ours, and then make everyone else DIFFERENT!

Thus the White man was: Long headed, had a high bridge nose, (pale skinned, blue eyed, Blonde or red haired), and thin lipped. (By now, most people understand that the attributes in parentheses are symptomatic of a disorder). Then he invented a new science to promote his lie.

Craniofacial Anthropometry

The historical development of craniofacial anthropometry started when anthropologists first measured human skulls as a way to categorize race. The beginning physical anthropologists used a holistic method where they examined multiple observable physical characteristics to determine race.

This holistic approach was not "craniofacial anthropometry" but a typological method. As anthropologists gained access to methods of skull measure, they developed racial classification based on skull shape.

The observable craniofacial skeletal differences ranged from breadth of nasal aperture, nasal root height, head shape e.g. mesocephalic, brachycephalic and doliocephalic, sagittal crest appearance, jaw thickness, browridge size, forehead slope, etc., but did not involve soft tissue differences such as nasal shape, eye color, skin color, lip shape, and hair type. Using a strictly skull based categorization method, these anthropologists organized three to four racial groups.

Caucasoids were characterized by a doliocephalic shape (having a head much longer than it is broad), with receded zygomas, large browridge and a narrow nasal aperture.

Secondly, Negroids were characterized by a mesocephalic head shape (having a medium length and width), with receded zygomas and wide nasal aperture.

Third, Mongoloids were characterized as a brachycephalic head shape (having a short broad head), absent browridges, small nasal aperture, and projecting zygomas.

Additionally, Australoids whose craniofacial type fell between Negroids and Caucasoids was added. With the addition of this category, Thomas Huxley considered India to fall in this group's craniofacial measurements.


Of course, as with his depictions of the ancients as White people; this White mans lie, depended on the worlds people not having seen each other, or knowing much about each other. Because there was just one little problem with that grand conspiracy: Using just common sense, the Black Man, as the known progenitor of all other Humans in the world; MUST have ALL of the characteristics of those begotten by him - otherwise, how could he make them? On page one, we saw "White skinned" Black people, and Blonde haired Black people. Now lets look at the head types.


These pictures were chosen from the many pictures of Africans on the pages that follow, without particular care. So please feel free to choose your own examples of the White mans lies.

Long Head: dolichocephalic
Medium Head: mesaticephalic

Round Head: brachycephalic


Needless to say; as the twentieth century moved on, and advancements in transportation and media allowed the worlds people to see each other, and to meet each other. It became clear that this lie could not survive. Therefore it has, for the most part, been abandoned. Except of course, for the most rabid, ignorant racists; they continue to cling to the lie - pathetic creatures that they are.






The San (Genetically - The Worlds Oldest People)

(Southern Africa)

And the obvious source of the genes for today's Mongol People

Called “Hottentots” by Whites: In the Khoi-san language, consonants are pronounced with a clicking sound. This prompted their Dutch invaders to call them “Hottentots” a derogatory word meaning "stutterer" or "stammerer" in the language of the Dutch invaders. Later the Dutch, together with British and German settlers, would eventually try to exterminate them with the Herero and Namaqua Genocides.




The Complete Khoisan and Bantu genomes from southern Africa have just been completed and published (Received 11 August 2009; Accepted 6 January 2010). Click here for the study >>>



The presumed ancestry of Modern Mongols


Genetic data shows that the biochemical systems of Asian and European populations, appear to be more similar to each other, than they are to African populations. thus, Asians (Mongols) and Europeans (Caucasians) may have shared a common ancestry with each other, some 40,000 years ago and a common ancestry with African populations before that. The Out of Africa (OOA) migration, which took Africans into Asia, occurred at about 50,000 B.C. The modern Mongol shows great affiliation with San Africans in body type and facial features, thus the presumed genesis below.












Ethiopia (East Africa)






Niger (West Africa)