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Black and Albinism


Racism and Colorism



This is a story of "Colorism"; but first we have to lay the groundwork of World Wide racism instituted by the Albinos after their 15th. century coup in Europe. To support their position as the Worlds new rulers, they went about creating a new history of humans, with themselves as the existential humans: all this from a people who didn't even exist a few thousand years ago. (Black humans are over 400,000 years old). But this paper is about Mulattoes and Colorism.


This is how they try to explain why they are not simple Albinos.

It's of course nonsense, but they needed something to say.

Albinism is explained scientifically in the Latino page.


The worlds largest "Ethnic" group and Mulatto population are the "Han Chinese" of China: 1.4 billion Han and counting. The Chinese are a Mongol People identifiable by an Epicanthic fold. That is to say that all humans outside of Africa (where it is common) with Epicanthic folds are Mongols (Mongoloid) and Mulattoes. That includes Japanese, Koreans, etc.

Mongoloid is a racial grouping or genus of various people indigenous to large parts of Asia, Polynesia, and the Americas. In the past, other terms such as "Mongolian race", "yellow", "Asiatic" and "Oriental" have been used as synonyms. The concept of dividing humankind into three races called Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid was introduced in the 1780s by members of the Göttingen School of History and further developed by Western scholars in the context of "racist ideologies" during the age of colonialism.






Japan, Korea and Taiwan are Mongol nations. Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos have been inundated and usurped by Mongols and are now Mulatto nations. Hawaii and many other Polynesian Islands have also been inundated and usurped by Mongols, and in some cases, European Albinos.


The Negrito is the most common phenotype of original Humans

in South East Asia, they have many tribal names.


The Philippines

Native Negrito Woman
Invader Chinese Woman


Invader Spanish Woman
Negrito/Chinese Mulatto Woman


Racism is virulent and rampant in the Philippines; we assume that to be the result of the presence of the Albino Spanish - always looking to mediate their Albinism by tearing down melanated people.



Indonesia, Singapore, etc.

Native Negrito people of Indonesia



Chinese President of Indonesia
Chinese Minister of Indonesia



Mulattoes of Indonesia



South Pacific Albino Interlopers and Mulattoes




As a reminder, this is what Pacific Islanders look like.





North Africa, The Levant, West Asia, and Arabia.


The next centers of Mulattoes are North Africa, The Levant, West Asia, and Arabia; these areas were inundated and usurped by Turks - the last Central Asian Albino group to cross-over to the West.



The Arabs started importing Turkic Slave Soldiers (Mamluks) during the Abbasid caliphate (circa 750 A.D.). Arabs being desert dwellers, were particularly incompetent at organization and administration, so Persians handled the administration of the Arab Empire: Arabs were also relatively few in numbers - thus the Mamluks. The Tajikistanian (Central Asian) poet Rudaki (858-941), in a poem about the Samanid emir's court, describes how “row upon row” of Turkish slave guards were part of its adornment.


Arabs sure loved them some Albino Pus*y!

Arab dream family:

Albino wife - Black Arab husband - Mulatto son





Question: who but an Albino Pus*y loving, dumb-ass Black Arab,

would have "ARMED SLAVES" in his camp?



Said to be Napoleon's personal Mamluk; but the quality of the photo says that's a lie. Albinos never look good in a turban.


It didn't take long for the Black Arabs to realize their mistake.

Turkish Rule - The Seljuqs

The Turk Toghril Beg proclaimed himself sultan at Neyshabur in 1038. The Oguz Turks had accepted Islam late in the 10th century, and their leaders displayed a convert's zeal in their efforts to restore a Muslim polity along orthodox lines. Their efforts were made all the more urgent by the spread of Fatimid Isma'ili propaganda (Arabic da'wah) in the eastern Caliphate by means of an underground network of propagandists or da'is, who were intent on undermining the Buyid regime, and also by the threat posed by the Christian Crusaders.

The Buyids' usurpation of the Arab caliph's secular power had given rise to a new theory of state formulated by al-Mawardi (died 1058). Al-Mawardi's treatise partly prepared the theoretical ground for Toghril Begs attempt to establish an orthodox Muslim state in which conflict between the Arab caliph-imam's spiritual-juridical authority on the one side, and the secular power of the sultan on the other, could be resolved, or at least regulated.

The Arab caliph al-Qa'im (reigned 1031–75) replaced the last Buyid's name in the khutbah and on the coins, with that of Toghril Beg; and after protracted negotiation ensuring restoration of the caliph's dignity after Shi'ite subjugation, Toghril entered Baghdad in December 1055. The Arab caliph enthroned him and married a Seljuq princess. Buyid power was thus terminated.



Take off the Kaffiyeh and the robes, and this Turk Albino wouldn't last ten minutes in the Arabian Desert.






From master to servant in just 230 years.

Black Arabs must have set a record!




Turks sure know how to live it up with Arab wealth
A Rolls Royce handles the sand superbly



Meanwhile this is how real Arabs are living:

that Albino Pus*y sure was expensive - huh boys?



Anatolia - modern Turkey.

Note for religious readers: this is the place where your religion started, the home of Abraham.

Before the Albino Turks invaded, these people were called

"Anatolians" then Byzantines (The Eastern Roman Empire).


This is a condensed picture record of Anatolians.

Anatolians created one of the first monumental buildings societies.


National Geographic - The ancient site of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey (circa 11,000 B.C.), has rewritten the early history of civilization. A new project will promote and preserve Göbekli Tepe, home to the most ancient temple structures ever discovered. Turkey hopes to eventually boost tourism at the site, which is in a region where tourism has declined because of the nearby Syrian conflict and refugee crisis. Once again; Albinos desecrating Black achievements to make money.










Ruins of the ancient City of Troy, located at Hisarlik 30 kilometres south-west of Çanakkale; (founded circa 3,000 B.C.). Troy is the setting of the Greek myth of the Trojan War. The main source for our knowledge of the Trojan War is Homer's Iliad (written sometime in the 8th century B.C.) where he recounts 52 days during the final year of the ten-year conflict. The Greeks imagined the war to have occurred sometime in the 13th century B.C.

The ancient city of Troy was located along the northwest coast of Asia Minor, in what is now called Turkey. It occupied a strategic position on the Dardanelles, a narrow water channel that connects the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea, via the Sea of Marmara.




The ruins of the city of Harran, called Haran in the Hebrew Bible, lie within present-day Turkey. Haran first appears in the Book of Genesis as the home of Terah and his descendants, including Abraham. Haran was the place where Terah settled with his son, the Patriarch Abraham (who was known as Abram at that time), his nephew Lot, and Abram's wife Sarah. During their planned journey from Ur of the Chaldees (Sumer) to the Land of Canaan. Abram lived there until he was 75 years old before continuing on to Canaan in response to the command of God. Before the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), El and Baal were the gods of the region. There is a town called Harran in Turkey's Şanlıurfa Province close to the border with Syria.

Jezebel was the daughter of Ithobaal I, king of the phoenician city of Tyre, and the wife of Ahab, King of Israel. According to the Book of Kings, Jezebel, along with her husband, instituted the worship of El, Baal and Asherah among the Hebrews. In addition, she violently purged the prophets of Yahweh from Israel. For these offences, the dynasty was annihilated, with Jezebel herself suffering a gruesome death.

But one wonders just how effective the Hebrew murderers were: as the name Isra'el means "God Contented" where the God is obviously EL.




Like the Persians and others - the original people are still there;

only well hidden.



Afro-Turks - From Wikipedia

This is too good an opportunity to laugh and expose the lying stupidity of Albinos, and those who believe them. Note above: we delivered artifacts showing Blacks were the original human inhabitants of Anatolia.

Yet note this article titled "Afro-Turks" From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Quote: Afro-Turks are Turkish people of African Zanj (Bantu) heritage. They trace their origin to the Ottoman slave trade. Beginning several centuries ago, a number of Africans, usually via Zanzibar as Zanj and from places such as Niger, Arabia, Libya, Kenya and Sudan, came to the Ottoman Empire settled by the Dalaman, Menderes and Gediz valleys, Manavgat and Çukurova. African quarters of 19th-century İzmir, including Sabırtaşı, Dolapkuyu, Tamaşalık, İkiçeşmelik and Ballıkuyu, are mentioned in contemporary records. Some came from Crete following the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923. They settled on the Aegean coast, mainly around İzmir. Africans in Ayvalık declare that their ancestors from Crete spoke Greek when they came to Turkey and learned Turkish later.

Below is a photograph of an excerpt from the article

For a photo of the full article: Click this link >>


Ordinarily when Albinos are caught in their lies, they simply destroy the evidence and move on. So we go to these lengths to document their lies for the benefit of Negroes. Negroes, this is the kind of crap Albinos have been feeding you for hundreds of years. People like realhistoryww cannot be there to disprove every Albino lie for you, you need to learn how to think critically about everything Albinos tell you. We are doing the best we can, but it's really on you.

Since we know that the stupidity of a Trump supporters mind cannot be changed with evidence, and because like the Wiki editors mind, it is fundamentally a frightened racist mind. We therefore turn to science to prove our point. (Many Hispanics like Trump, especially in Florida). See the scientific study on Black Anatolians below:

Cranial Discrete Traits in a Byzantine Population

and Eastern Mediterranean Population Movements

Quote: From the Mesolithic to the early Neolithic period different lines of evidence support an out-of-Africa Mesolithic migration to the Levant by northeastern African groups that had biological affinities with sub-Saharan populations. {The Levant = Cyprus, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, southern Turkey}.
Quote: Finding is in agreement with morphological data that suggest that populations with sub-Saharan morphological elements were present in northeastern Africa, from the Paleolithic to at least the early Holocene, and diffused northward to the Levant and Anatolia beginning in the Mesolithic.
Quote: Indeed, the rare and incomplete Paleolithic to early Neolithic skeletal specimens found in Egypt—such as the 33,000-year-old Nazlet Khater specimen (Pinhasi and Semal 2000), the Wadi Kubbaniya skeleton from the late Paleolithic site in the upper Nile valley (Wendorf et al. 1986), the Qarunian (Faiyum) early Neolithic crania (Henneberg et al. 1989; Midant-Reynes 2000), and the Nabta specimen from the Neolithic Nabta Playa site in the western desert of Egypt (Henneberg et al. 1980)—show, with regard to the great African biological diversity, similarities with some of the sub-Saharan middle Paleolithic and modern sub-Saharan specimens.

Albinos - You are Albinos! Accept it:

and stop with your lying histories.

It is very hurtful to people with confused minds

Black and Albino.


Back to our story: Before the fall of the Persian Empire, Persians were called "Persians". But after the "fall" Albinos took over. In 1935 the Iranian government requested those countries with which it had diplomatic relations, to call Persia "Iran". The suggestion for the change is said to have come from the Iranian ambassador to Germany, who came under the influence of the Nazis. At the time Germany was in the grip of racial fever and cultivated good relations with nations of "Arian" blood. It is said that some German friends of the ambassador persuaded him that, as with the advent of Reza Shah, Persia had turned a new leaf in its history. It was only fitting that the country be called "Iran" because they believed Iran related to Aryan. The problem is that they have not demonstrated that connection so in 1959, the government of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Reza Shah's son, announced that both "Persia" and "Iran" can be used interchangeably, in formal correspondence. However, the issue is still debated.



Ethnic Turk Recep Tayyip Erdoğan President of Turkey
Ethnic Turk Hassan Rouhani President of Iran


Turk Mulattoes
Turk Albinos "fronting" as Arabs




So you ask, if the people in Iran (the former Persia) are TURKS, where the hell are the Persians?

This is a sight that you will NEVER see on your Albino Television or in your Albino Newspaper.




^^ISNA - Iranian Students News Agency, a news organization led by Iranian activists









Surprise, surprise, Black Persians have always been there!

But like Blacks everywhere, the Albinos hide those they couldn't kill.

Think about it, don't Albino media ALWAYS show you pictures of Albinos EVERYWHERE!

But rarely do they show you pictures of Blacks in these places.


There is barely 800,000,000 million Albinos in this World;

but there is over 5,000,000,000 million (5 Billion) Blacks.

Albinos know that time and the numbers are not in their favor.

Soon they will have to go back to being what they used to be.

Realhistoryww et al. has served notice that

"some" Negroes are becoming Blacks again:

thus the racial changes in the Americas and around the World.




But wait - a word to the many Negroes still hanging on to White/Albino supremacy in the U.S.

First relax - now slowly and carefully scratch your head as you ponder this:


United States Census

Population estimates, July 1, 2019, 328,239,523 (328 Million)

White alone, percent 76.3%

Black or African American alone, percent 13.4%


Now what that means is that there is six (6) Albinos in the U.S. for every Black person or Negro.

That means that come election time, 4 of those 6 Albinos could stay home and cook:

meanwhile they would still beat the Black or Black favored candidate by 50%.






Yes Negroes, that means that there are more Blacks than Albinos in the United States.


This little lesson in population mathematics was prompted by the sad and pathetic sight of a Negro female, elected to high office: quoting population figures and percentages straight from Albino sources and the Albino playbook.

Common sense should have told her that it would be foolish for Albinos to tell Blacks their true strength. So like the rest of us Blacks, she should have figured it out, and used appropriate language. Because all she accomplished was to say to the rest of the dumb-ass Negroes, "Great White Father" would never lie to us, so be like me and believe everything they say.

Now we are not suggesting that she should directly take-on Albinos lies, after all, Albinos still weld the Wealth and Power; so like slavery times, Blacks must maintain an underground knowledge and intelligence.

This is the best way to insure that the next iteration of Democracy will be peaceful and inclusive. Yes, as most of Americas Albinos demonstrate (Trump's people), democracy and it's associated morality is alien to them spiritually: they know to give it lip service, but in reality they care only about power - which serves to salve their sense of inferiority.


We invented democracy thousands of years ago in ancient Sumer:

Sumer Kingship

Ancient Sumers civic structure, was comprised largely of freemen, who met in concert to govern themselves. The citizens initially held power, and decisions were made in an assembly. In times of need, such as war, a lugal (big man) was elected only for the duration of that threat. Over time however, this position became permanent and hereditary, a kingship: father to son.


As the first and purest Humans, we seem to have developed a "innate" spirituality (one not related to religion), at least this seems true in comparison to Albinos who seem to equate religion with a right and permission to kill. Note; they did not begin their wars of usurpation in Britain and the Holy Roman Empire in Germany until they had created their "Protestant/Anglican" religion and had installed its myths and supports. But whatever the case; We cannot allow our Albinos to drag us back to a primitive state by reacting to their outrages with our own.







Going back to the Persian young men sharing a meal above:

Anything strike you odd about them?

NO! That's just the thing; they look just like Blacks

you would find ANYWHERE, including in parts of India: (non-Dravidian Blacks).



Here is the odd part; we know from genetic science the Blacks have all human variations,

so just wondering why all founding civilizations have pretty much the same phenotype.


They look just like ancient Egyptian Royalty

Egyptian King
Kushite/Nubian Prince (modern Sudan)







They look just like original European Royalty




Just like South Asian Royalty




Just like South American Royalty



Just like original New Yorker's


And the European Albino created "Emblem of America".



Every human feature was evolved in Africa; Africa has an untold number of phenotypes,

yet this particular phenotype is common to all important ruling societies; or so it seems.

Please feel free to write-in with contrary ideas.





Now to the crux of the matter - our/their Mulattoes



From early times, we realized that rather than trying to kill them all,

it was best to give our Albinos a way to genetically return to normalcy.

(Return to Blackness by way of successive Black sired Mulattoes)




But as we can see with the kings of the Eastern Roman Empire

(The Byzantine), it didn't really work well.

Though by the end of the Empire the kings were certainly Mulattoes,

The invading Asian Albino Turks didn't care, they wanted power regardless.






Apparently Latino Albinos and Mulattoes have lost sight of one salient fact:

Latin Music is NOT Spanish music, it is NOT Portuguese music

it is singularly and totally BLACK MUSIC.



Which brings us to one of the most hilarious (in a sad way) episodes of Mulatto misjudgment in human history.

But first some background in Mulattoship. A Mulatto is the product of a healthy Black person and an Albino

The classifications are: Mulatto = 1/2 Black and 1/2 Albino <> Quadroon = 1/4 Black and 3/4 Albino

Octoroon = 1/8 Black and 7/8 Albino <> Hexadecaroon = 1/16 Black and 15/16 Albino.

The spanish/portugese called their classifications "Caste's" they had a least 16 caste's


Spanish Caste System

When the Spanish came to the Americas in the early 15th century, they conquered a great part of the Americas. They quickly started to create social classes between the indigenous people, African Slaves and the resultant Mulattoes - a caste system. This system was organized as a hierarchy of race depending on the amount of Spanish blood that each person had. This meant that the more Spanish blood a person had, the higher they ranked in the system of castes. The less Spanish blood you had, the lower you were placed on the system. The caste system was much more than a simple order of classes, it was a socio-racial classification. Each caste had strict rules that determined their wealth, career, attire, and even the friendships that they were allowed to have. For this reason, the Spanish caste system is a clear example of systemic racism and marginalization towards people of color.

Comment; only people with serious issues of self worth would even think to create such a system; imagine that, forcing powerless people completely at your mercy, to treat you like a god - perhaps because they are the only ones who will show you respect. After having been beat-up and expelled from Iberia by the Franks, then again being beat-up and expelled by the Moors, Spain and Portugal's Albinos must have developed a deep hatred of Blacks. But that aside, in all the time of its existence, Spain/Portugal has yet to make a significant contribution to the world, yet they try to carry themselves with such an air of dignity. Much as the degenerate Southern Gentleman, a murderer and enslaver, cloaked in an air of dignity. Spain is ranked 24th among 45 countries in the Europe region, and its overall score is below the regional average. Portugal is ranked 29th among 45 countries in the Europe region, and its overall score is below the regional average. Today the former Spanish colonies are the poorest, most F**ked up in the American hemisphere - trained only for poverty and misery. But still, they love their spanish culture (Bullfighting?) and have their pride.



The Spanish and Portuguese


Let us now pause to explain exactly who the Albinos occupying Portugal and Spain really are; they are Germanic Visigoth's, Alan's, and Vandals, straight from Central Asia. The map shows their path westward, down through the Iberian peninsula and into North Africa.



Yes - we know, the most ignorant believe White People (Albinos) evolved in Europe - that is NOT the case

If you don't believe us, then believe this Albino publication.




In 507 the Goths were defeated by the Franks under Clovis I.




Thereafter the only territory north of the Pyrenees that the Visigoths held was Septimania, such that their kingdom became limited to Iberia. In 711 or 712 the Visigoths, were defeated at the Battle of Guadalete by a force of invading Arabs and Berbers (the Moors). The Franks under Charlemagne, now emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, kept them under control and tried to keep all other marauding Albinos under control too. These Albinos were kept in check until they defeated the Moors at Granada in 1492. A few weeks later, Columbus took off to find an ocean route to India. This had became necessary because Albino Turks, now formed into the "Ottoman Empire" had taken rule in the Holy Lands from the Black Arabs. This caused Black European Kings to launch "Crusades" to free the Holy Lands from the Albinos; (Islam was not the issue). In response; In 1169 The Turkish governor of Syria sent an army lead by Saladin (a Kurd born in Tikrit Iraq), to occupy Egypt. Saladin closed off the old trade routes to India and China; requiring Europeans to find Ocean routes to those markets.


Usually Albino sources attribute the Crusades to Europeans wanting to protect Christian lands from Muslims. That is of course a lie, Black muslims held those lands for 600 years BEFORE the first Crusade: the Crusades were about Black European monarchies wanting to protect themselves AND Christian lands from invading Turk Albinos! (The Ottoman Empire)




Christopher Columbus seems to have been present at Granada; he refers to the surrender on the first page of his Diario de las Derrotas y Caminos. Quote: "After your Highnesses ended the war of the Moors who reigned in Europe, and finished the war of the great city of Granada, where this present year [1492] on the 2nd January I saw the royal banners of Your Highnesses planted by force of arms on the towers of the Alhambra, which is the fortress of the said city, I saw the Moorish sultan issue from the gates of the said city, and kiss the royal hands of Your Highnesses."


Above we commented on what kind of "Damaged" people would institute the kind of sick social society created by the Spanish and Portuguese in the Americas. What happened to cause this peaceful, multiracial scene in 1500s Lisbon to change?



King Ferdinan is obviously a Mulatto:

what caused him to countenance the outrages of Albinos?



The Americas are the third center of Mulattoes;

these are mostly the Mulattoes of the Central Asian Albino tribes of Germanics;

They inhabited the formerly Black European lands of Spain, Portugal, England and Netherlands.




There are two major types of Mulattoes in the Americas:

First there are the Mulattoes of American Mongols and Europeans,

the best known of these are the Mexican Mestizo's.






These are true Mestizos,

that is, the Mulattoes of American Mongols and European Albinos.




But they are an aside, we are interested in the much more numerous Mulatto:

(The mix of non-Mongol Black and European Albino).


There are four main centers of Spanish speaking

American Mulattos: Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.







The population of Brazil is 211 million; the bulk of the Brazilian population descends from three main source populations: Black and Mongol original people, early European settlers (chiefly ethnic Portuguese/Spanish, (New Christians of Sephardic Jews forced to convert to Christianity), sub-Saharan Africans. Between Black and Pardo (Mixed/Mulattoes) Brazils population is overwhelmingly "COLORED" NON-WHITE/ALBINO. In 1888, Brazil, with a mostly black and mixed race or mulatto population, was the last country in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery. During more than 300 years of slavery in the Americas, it was the largest importer of African slaves.

Another important difference was the extent of miscegenation or race mixture, resulting largely from a high sex ratio among its colonial settlers. In contrast to a family-based colonization in North America, Brazil's Portuguese settlers were primarily male. As a result, they often sought out African, indigenous and mulatto females as mates, and thus miscegenation or race mixture was common. Today, Brazilians often pride themselves on their history of miscegenation and continue to have rates of intermarriage that are far greater than those of the United States. Comment: Nice, except they treat Blacks like SH*T, Their Negroes are just as bad as their Mulattoes.

Brazil President


Brazil has the worlds 9th. ranked economy at $1.84 trillion GDP

Just below Britain, France and Italy.




Pardon the pun - dark skin side.











We do not present these pictures to elicit sympathy for dark Brazilians.

Like Black Arabs, the have let their Albinos and light mulattoes run hog-wild.

This is their own doing, and therefore their responsibility to fix.




These are some of the original people of the Caribbean









Like in the United States, the government’s favorite way to keep blacks under

control is to fool them into thinking that they are a MINORITY instead of the MAJORITY.




Racism in Cuba refers to racial discrimination in Cuba. In Cuba, dark skinned Afro-Cubans are the only group on the island referred to as black while lighter skinned, mixed race, Afro-Cuban mulattoes are often not characterized as black. Race conceptions in Cuba are unique because of its long history of racial mixing and appeals to a "raceless" society. The Cuban census reports that 65% of the population is white while foreign figures report an estimate of the number of whites at anywhere from 40 to 45 percent. This is likely due to the self-identifying mulattos who are sometimes designated officially as white. Many Cubans argue that every Cuban has at least some African ancestry. Several pivotal events have impacted race relations on the island. Using the historic race-blind nationalism first established around the time of independence, Cuba has navigated the abolition of slavery, the suppression of black clubs and political parties, the revolution and its aftermath, and the current economic decline. Wikipedia









The Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is the second-largest nation in the Antilles by area (after Cuba) at 48,671 square kilometers (18,792 sq mi), and third-largest by population, with approximately 10.8 million people (2020 est.). In a 2014 population survey, 70.4% self-identified as mixed (mestizo/indio, 58% mulatto 12.4%, 15.8% as black, 13.5% as white, and 0.3% as "other". Ethnic immigrant groups in the country include West Asians; mostly Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians; the current president, Luis Abinader, is of Lebanese descent. East Asians, primarily ethnic Chinese and Japanese, can also be found. Europeans are represented mostly by Spanish whites but also with smaller populations of German Jews, Italians, Portuguese, British, Dutch, Danes, and Hungarians.



After more than three hundred years of Spanish rule, the Dominican people declared independence on November 1821. The leader of the independence movement, José Núñez de Cáceres, intended the Dominican nation to unite with the country of Gran Colombia, but the newly independent Dominicans were forcefully annexed by Haiti in February 1822. Independence came 22 years later in 1844, after victory in the Dominican War of Independence. Over the next 72 years, the Dominican Republic experienced mostly civil wars, several failed invasions by its neighbor Haiti, and brief return to Spanish colonial status, before permanently ousting the Spanish during the Dominican War of Restoration of 1863–1865.

Reader - did you pick-up that the Black and mixed Dominicans

preferred the Albino Spaniard José Núñez de Cáceres to rule from Black Haiti.

So is it any wonder why Black Dominicans are so known for denying they are Black.


Sammy Sosa did something about it.

Snickering American's please remember Michael Jackson



The Dominican Republic: The People of Color Say They Are Not Black

To see video click here:

Here is a very interesting comment from Dré, 5 years ago.

i really think people miss the point of this video. The point he makes in this video is that these guys are not stupid they know their skin color is "black", but Dominicans prefer to claim their heritage “ethnicity". I'm currently dating a Dominican girl that the world will see as "black". And my people are from Brazil and they know they are "black". However they don't want to be called black because it is associated with "African Americans"



Dominican Baseball and Basketball players in the U.S.









Puerto Rico


The population of Puerto Rico according to the 2020 census is 3,285,874, an 11.8% decrease since the 2010 United States Census. From 2000 to 2010, the population declined for the first time in census history for Puerto Rico, from 3,808,610 to 3,725,789. Continuous European immigration and high natural increase helped the population of Puerto Rico grow from 155,426 in 1800 to almost a million by the close of the 19th century. A census conducted by royal decree on 30 September 1858, gave the following totals of the Puerto Rican population at that time: 341,015 were free colored; 300,430 identified as Whites; and 41,736 were slaves. A census in 1887 found a population of around 800,000, of which 320,000 were black.

During the 19th century, hundreds of families arrived in Puerto Rico, primarily from the Canary Islands and Andalusia, but also from other parts of Spain such as Catalonia, Asturias, Galicia and the Balearic Islands and numerous Spanish loyalists from Spain's former colonies in South America. Settlers from outside Spain also arrived in the islands, including from Corsica, France, Lebanon, China, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Italy. This immigration from non-Hispanic countries was the result of the Real Cedula de Gracias de 1815 ("Royal Decree of Graces of 1815"), which allowed European Catholics to settle in the island with land allotments in the interior of the island, provided they paid taxes and continued to support the Catholic Church. Between 1960 and 1990 the census questionnaire in Puerto Rico did not ask about race or ethnicity. The 2000 United States Census included a racial self-identification question in Puerto Rico. According to the census, most Puerto Ricans identified as White and Latino; few identified as Black or some other race.








Now the actual Story



To every confused Mulatto the proposition is clear; Whites are Superior, Blacks are Inferior.

Therefore the closer to White I am, the more superior I am to those darker than me.

And in this case:

I have a right to "Exploit" those darker than me - just like White people do.

This is the type of "head-game" Albinos teach their Mulattoes to play.

Intelligent Blacks who realize that Whiteness is a manifestation of the

genetic disease called Albinism, of course laugh at such silliness.





is a city of ethnic neighborhoods, especially the northern tip of Manhattan.

There you will find the Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights








Beginning as a middle-class neighborhood with many Irish and Eastern European immigrants, the neighborhood has at various points been home to communities of German Jews, Greek Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and Russian Americans. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, White residents began to leave the neighborhood for nearby suburbs as the Black and Latino populations increased. Dominican Americans became the dominant group by the 1980s despite facing economic difficulties, leading the neighborhood to its status in the 21st century as the most prominent Dominican community in the United States. While crime became a serious issue during the crack cocaine crisis of the 1980s and 1990s, in the 2000s Washington Heights became a much safer community and began to experience some upward mobility as well as gentrification - wikipedia.






Washington Heights Street Scenes














Lin-Manuel Miranda's neighborhood of Inwood






Lin-Manuel Miranda is an American actor, singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and playwright. He created and starred in the Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda was born on January 16, 1980, in New York City to Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda, a clinical psychologist, and Luis A. Miranda Jr., a Democratic Party consultant. The name "Lin-Manuel" was inspired by a poem about the Vietnam War, Nana roja para mi hijo Lin Manuel, by the Puerto Rican writer José Manuel Torres Santiago. He was raised in the neighborhood of Inwood which is next-door to Washington Heights. The dominant hispanic culture in Inwood is Puerto Rican. He is of Puerto Rican descent, along with Mexican from a grandparent. During childhood and his teens, he spent at least one month each year with his grandparents in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. Miranda has one older sister, Luz, who is the Chief Financial Officer of the MirRam Group, a strategic consulting firm in Government and Communications.

As a student, Miranda wrote the earliest draft of what would become his first Broadway musical, "In the Heights" in 1999, his sophomore year of college at Wesleyan University. After the show was accepted by Wesleyan's student theater company, Miranda added freestyle rap and salsa numbers, and the show was premiered there in 1999. Meanwhile Miranda wrote and directed several other musicals at Wesleyan, and acted in many other productions, ranging from musicals to Shakespeare. He graduated from Wesleyan in 2002.

In 2002, Miranda and John Buffalo Mailer worked with director Thomas Kail to revise "In the Heights". Playwright Quiara Alegría Hudes joined the team in 2004, Hudes was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to a Jewish father and a Puerto Rican mother. They raised her in West Philadelphia, where she began composing music and writing. Hudes also wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation, which premiered in 2021.



After premiering in Connecticut in 2005 and opening at the 37 Arts Theater off-Broadway in 2007, the musical went to Broadway, opening in March 2008. It was nominated for 13 Tony Awards, winning four, including Best Musical and Best Original Score. It also won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. Miranda's performance in the leading role of Usnavi earned him a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical. Miranda left the cast of the Broadway production on February 15, 2009.

Miranda reprised the role when the national tour of In the Heights played in Los Angeles from June 23 to July 25, 2010. He again joined the tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Miranda rejoined the Broadway cast as Usnavi from December 25, 2010, until the production closed on January 9, 2011, after 29 previews and 1,185 regular performances.

In 2003, Miranda co-founded Freestyle Love Supreme, a hip hop improv group that has toured the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as the Aspen, Melbourne and Montreal Comedy Festivals. The group created a limited television series for Pivot in 2014 and made its Broadway debut on October 2, 2019, at the Booth Theatre in a self-titled show to positive reviews.



Hamilton: An American Musical (2015). While on a vacation in 2008, Miranda read Ron Chernow's biography of Alexander Hamilton and, inspired by the book, wrote a rap about Hamilton that he performed for the White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word on May 12, 2009, accompanied by Alex Lacamoire. Miranda later said he spent a year writing the Hamilton song "My Shot", revising it countless times for every verse to reflect Alexander Hamilton's intellect. By 2012, Miranda was performing an extended set of pieces based on the life of Hamilton, which he then referred to as the Hamilton Mixtape. The New York Times called it "an obvious game changer".

Hamilton: An American Musical premiered off-Broadway at The Public Theater in January 2015, directed by Thomas Kail. Miranda wrote the book and score and starred as the title character. The show received highly positive reviews, and its engagement was sold out. Chernow and Miranda received the 2015 History Makers Award from the New York Historical Society for their work in creating the musical. The show began previews on Broadway in July 2015 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre and officially opened on August 6, 2015, earning positive reviews. On the first night of Hamilton previews, over 700 people lined up for lottery tickets. The Hamilton ticket lottery evolved into Ham4Ham, a series of outdoor mini-performances for lottery participants that was hosted daily by Miranda and cast members for over a year, until August 31, 2016. Miranda earned a 3% royalty on each performance of Hamilton, earning him $12.7 million by July 2017. On March 15, 2016, members of the cast of Hamilton performed at the White House and hosted workshops; Miranda performed freestyle rap from prompts held up by President Obama.


Hamilton Cast


The Producers - A successful live stage play is a collaboration among actors, technical crew, theater staff and marketers. The person who brings them together is not the director, who is in charge of the creative effort, but the play producer, who organizes all the people involved and manages the business of running it.

Executive producers act as the liaison between the film's financiers and the producers who ultimately run production and oversee post-production. If a studio or production company is financing the film, the executive producer is usually a senior employee or an executive.



Miranda's biggest payday yet came when he sold "Hamilton's" film rights to Disney.

Disney paid $75 million for the rights to the "Hamilton" film in February 2020

in what is believed to be one of the largest film acquisitions ever.



On November 7, 2008, Universal Pictures announced that they planned to adapt "In the Heights" as a feature film for release in 2011. However, the project was canceled in March 2011, reportedly due to the fact Universal was looking for a "bankable Latino star" like Shakira or Jennifer Lopez instead of unknown actors. In January 2012, Miranda stated that the film adaptation was back under discussion; in May 2016, it was announced that Miranda would co-produce the film with Harvey Weinstein and backing from The Weinstein Company. On June 10, 2016, Jon M. Chu came on board to direct the film adaptation of the musical. In the aftermath of numerous sexual misconduct allegations made against Weinstein, his producer credit on the film was removed, with the rights to the film eventually auctioned off to Warner Bros. for $50 million. While Miranda originated the role of Usnavi, he felt he was too old to star as Usnavi in the film adaptation. Ultimately, Miranda played the smaller role of Piraguero, the "Piragua Guy," in the film.

In the Heights was originally set to be adapted by Universal Pictures in 2008, with Kenny Ortega hired to direct. After that version fell through, the project was eventually started back up in 2016, with Chu set to direct and Ramos being cast in October 2018. The rest of the cast joined in April 2019, and filming took place around New York City that summer.

Originally intended to be released in 2020, In the Heights was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film had its world premiere at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival on June 4, 2021, and was released in the United States on June 10 in theaters and streaming on HBO Max under a 30-day simultaneous exhibition window. It received acclaim from critics, with praise for Chu's direction, the story, performances and musical numbers, but but because of criticism for its lack of representation of Afro-Latino Americans; the film was a box office bomb, grossing just $41 million against its $55 million budget.


Scenes from the movie "In The Heights"





Want to know why the movie "In The Heights" Bombed?

Look at the "REAL" street scenes in Washington Heights, and the scenes from the movie above.

What's missing - Black People.


After the release of In the Heights, its creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda posted not a congratulatory note but an apology. Over the weekend, the conversation around colorism and In the Heights reached a fever pitch as more viewers began to wonder why there weren't any dark-skinned Afro-Latinos in any of the leading roles to represent a place as diverse as Washington Heights. Lin-Manuel Miranda Apologizes For Lack Of Afro-Latinx Actors In 'In The Heights'. "I'm trying to hold space for both the incredible pride in the movie we made and be accountable for our shortcomings," Miranda said in a statement posted on social media. "Thanks for your honest feedback. I promise to do better in my future projects, and I'm dedicated to the learning and evolving we all have to do to make sure we are honoring our diverse and vibrant community."

Before its release, In the Heights was touted as the Latino movie of the season. It starred Latino talent, it featured dozens of Latino extras, was based on a play written by a Latino, Miranda, and its screenplay was written by a Latina, Quiara Alegría Hudes. Jon Chu, the director behind the hit Crazy Rich Asians had joined a project that seemed poised for success. As it was about to hit theaters and HBO Max, Felice León, an Afro-Cuban video producer for the Root, asked a question many of the early press had missed: "Where are all of the leading dark-skinned Afro-Latinx folks?"

The answers León received were unsatisfying. "When we were looking at the cast, we were looking for the people who were best for those roles specifically," Chu said. He cited Afro-Latinos were in the background as dancers and extras in the beauty salon number "No Me Diga." The answer that only the most talented were chosen to play these characters was an especially painful response because part of the issue of colorism is that it denies opportunities to darker-skinned people, meaning that lighter or whiter actors may have had more jobs on their resume and more experience than their dark-skinned colleagues even before auditioning. It's not unusual for dark-skinned performers to be relegated to the sidelines, so while In the Heights might be a step forward for some Latino representation, it still left many others behind. "Hiring who was best for a role" has also been used by white filmmakers to excuse themselves from hiring any actors of color.

Lets take a moment to follow Lin-Manuel Miranda's path to success; first he writes a play about his neighbors, the Black Dominicans. Then he writes a play about Alexander Hamilton, who was born on the island of Saint Kitts/Nevis in the Caribbean, later moving to the island of St. Croix, Virgin Islands. His parents were James Hamilton, an unsuccessful Scott businessman, and Rachel Fawcett Lavien, who may or may not have been Blackish. He used Black actors and Black music: Rythem and Blues, Rap, and Jazz to make it a success. Then he formed a Rap group with nerdy Albino/almost Albino guys. Then he made a movie about Washington heights, but forgot to let in a few Blacks. Gee, in days past one might have called Lin-Manuel Miranda a "Carpetbagger": but certainly he is no different from the Albinos and near Albinos, in Brazil, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, who hang on to power using the same methods.

This whole saga is so strange: why didn't Miranda write a musical about his own Puerto Rican people in Inwood? If he felt that they weren't culturally strong enough, then okay, go to Washington Heights. But when he goes to Washington Heights, he leaves out the Black people who make that culture pop? That's old fashioned Albino Racism at its finest.


“I started writing ‘In the Heights’ because I didn’t feel seen,”

Miranda wrote in a statement posted to Twitter on Monday evening.

“And over the past 20 years all I wanted was for us — ALL of us — to feel seen.”


Feel seen? who isn't seen? Certainly not Dominicans.

They are predominant in sports,

their Island is well visited, and their economy is good.

Maybe this is a case of transference;

and Lin-Manuel Miranda is actually thinking of his own people.




Tiffany Cross and Felice León discuss the movie


Pay careful attention to Rita Moreno's comments. She is so used to having Blacks and Browns kowtowing to her as an Albino, that she forgets that all Latinos are suppose to be equal now. Of course Black and Brown latinos get no sympathy from Realhistoryww, thinking Albinos are superior is a singular act of stupidly, and says volumes about what they think of themselves.




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