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Hycsos Sphinx
BPLDC no.: 08_04_000037
Page Title: Hycsos Sphinx
Collection: Tupper Scrapbooks Collection
Album: Volume 26: Lower Egypt. Pyramids.
Call no. 4098B.104 v26 (p. 36)
Creator: Tupper, William Vaughn

Description: Scrapbook page containing a photograph of Egyptian sphinx statues, annotated with information about the statues. The page also includes three drawings of cartouches and information about the Hyksos dynasty.

Annotations: Mariette 1863.
Considered by him"comme des produits de l'art des pasteurs."
"These differ from other Egyptian monuments in a very marked way as one sees by comparing them with the Sphinx of Tutmes III and Ramses II. The face is round, the eyes are small, the nose flattened, the cheek bones projecting, the lower lip sliphtly advanced, the ears are those of a bull wehile the mane of a lion encircles the visage."On one of them one can descipher the name of the Shepherd Kind Apopi [Apepa]. Later Meneptah erased the name and substituted his cartouches. Still later Pasebxanu XXI dynasty put his name on the breast [place of honor] erasing that of the monarch for whom it was graven. This gives ground for a German theory that it antedates"les Pasteurs"and belongs to XII. Dynasty.

Dynasty B.C. 1400
XXI. Dynasty
Pasebxanu I.
B.C. 1100.

Language: English and French, photograph titled in French
Rights: No known restrictions.
Coverage: Egypt
Notes: Title supplied by cataloger, derived from captions or annotated information.
Format: Scrapbooks
Technique: Photographs, Albumen prints
BPL Department: Print Department

Photo 1:
Photographer: Sébah, J. Pascal
Title: 215 Sphinx Hycsos (Musée Ghizeh)
Caption: Hycsos Sphinx Excavation Tanis. Black Granite.
Date: ca. 1860-1890