The Hyksos or Shepherd kings






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Statues of Shepherd Kings
BPLDC no.: 08_04_000038
Page Title: Statues of Shepherd Kings
Collection: Tupper Scrapbooks Collection
Album: Volume 26: Lower Egypt. Pyramids.
Call no. 4098B.104 v26 (p. 37)
Creator: Tupper, William Vaughn
Description: Scrapbook page containing a photograph of a statue of the Shepherd Kings (two sphinx-like figures), annotated with information about the significance of the figures. There are also drawings of the cartouche of Pasebxanu I.

Egyptian (ancient)

"[Ti?] n'y a pas de monuments que appartiennent plus incontestablement à l'époque agitée qui vit les Pasteurs maîtres de l'Egypte." Mariette

Shepherd Kings
Two Asiatic looking figures standing on a single base before sacrificial tables which are lavishly adorned with aquatic plants birds and fishes. The character of the faces resemble the Hyksos Sphinx and their matted (or wavy) beards, plaited hair, and ornaments and bracelets on their armsdistinguish them from other Egyptian monuments. The name of Psusennes-Psioukhanou, Pasebxanu XXI Dynasty was added at a later date.

Who are whence were The Shepherds is not very definitely known. Rawlinson calls them"a collection of all the nomadic hoardes of Syria and Arabia"an overwhelming floor of a quarter of a million of men who swooped down upon, conquered and occupied the delta, the Fayoum, and Lower Nile valley. The upper Nile paid tribute to them but was never conquered them. Their reign was 200 @ 500 years- They were driven out by Aahmes.

Language: English and French, photograph titled in French
Notes: Title supplied by cataloger, derived from captions or annotated information. Cartouche attributed to E.A.W. Budge, British Museum.
Photographer: Sébah, J. Pascal
Title: (Musèe Ghizeh) Les Rois Pasteurs 209
Caption: Statues of Shepherd Kings Found at Tanis. Grey Granite.
Date: ca. 1860-1890