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Ancient Man and His First Civilizations



A hymn of praise to Ra when he rises in the eastern part of heaven


BEHOLD, the Osiris Ani, the scribe of the holy offerings of all the gods, says:

HOMAGE to you, who have come as Khepera, Khepera the creator of the gods. You are seated on your throne, you rise up in the sky, illumining your mother [Nut], you are seated on your throne as the king of the gods.

 [Your] mother Nut stretches out her hands, and performs an act of homage to you.
The domain of Manu receives you with satisfaction.
 The goddess Maat embraces you at the two seasons of the day.
 May Ra give glory, and power, and truth-speaking, and the appearance as a living soul so that he may gaze on Heru-khuti, to the Ka of the Osiris the scribe Ani, who speaks truth before Osiris, and who says:


Hail, all you gods of the house of the soul, who weigh heaven and earth in a balance, and who give celestial food [to the dead].
Hail, Tatun, [who are] One, you creator of mortals [and] of the companies of the gods of the south and of the north, of the west and of the east, ascribe praise to Ra, the lord of heaven, the KING, life, strength, and health, the maker of the gods.
Give thanks to him in his beneficent form which is enthroned in the Atett boat; beings celestial praise you, terrestrial beings praise you.
Thoth and the goddess Maat mark out your course for you day by day and every day.
Your enemy the serpent has been given over to the fire.
The serpent-fiend Sebau has fallen headlong, his forelegs are bound in chains, and his hind legs has Ra carried away from him.
The sons of revolt shall never more rise up.
The house of the aged one keeps festival, and the voices of those who make merry are in the great place.
The gods rejoice when they see Ra crowned on his throne, and when his beams flood the world with light.
The majesty of this holy god sets out on his journey, and he goes onwards till he reachs the land of Manu; the earth becomes light at his birth each day; he proceeds till he reachs the place where he was yesterday.
Be at peace with me.
Let me gaze on your beauties.
Let me journey above the earth.
Let me smite the ass.
Let me slit asunder the serpent-fiend Sebau.
Let me destroy Aepep at the moment of his greatest power.
Let me behold the Abtu fish at his season, and the Ant fish with the Ant boat as it pilots it in its lake.
Let me behold Horus when he is in charge of the rudder [of the boat of Ra], with Thoth and the goddess Maat on each side of him.
Let me lay hold of the tow-rope of the Sektet boat, and the rope at the stern of the Matett boat.
Let Ra grant to me a view of the disk (the sun), and a sight of Ah (the moon) unfailingly each day.
Let my Ba-soul come forth to walk about here and there and wherever it pleases.
Let my name be called out, let it be found inscribed on the tablet which records the names of those who are to receive offerings.
Let meals from the sepulchral offerings be given to me in the presence [of Osiris], as to those who are in the following of Horus.
Let there be prepared for me a seat in the boat of the sun on the day wheron the god sails.
Let me be received in the presence of Osiris in the land of truth-speaking - the Ka of Osiris Ani.