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Buffalo Soldiers: Race Traitors?



Background: The original - and Black - settlers of the Americas came before 130,000 years ago;

according to a new study (Click here for that study).

They are often referred to as "Paleoamericans" (Paleo meaning first, older or ancient).

Mongols (people like the Chinese), came much later, perhaps 10,000 years ago.




The non-Albino population of the United States is a mix of Black Europeans, brought over as enslaved or Indentured survivors of European "Race Wars", Black Paleoamericans, and African Slaves - of which there was only 308,005 African Slaves imported.






The Albinos told us that THESE people

were American Indians...





...So it was "Okay"





..."THEY" weren't "US".





But then we found out that they were just "Mulattoes"

and that THESE people were the "REAL" American Indians!



Negroid Phenotype American Indian
Mongoloid Phenotype American Indian
























Indians often took Albino Wives - uncertain if force was always used.

Though it is understood that Albino women often resisted returning to the Albino world.




Mulatto Women were not discriminated against





These Albino derived Mulattoes below, were created through the admixture of Albino Frontiersman and

later, Albino Settlers, and mostly Mongol Indians: though Black Indians were also used for Miscegenation.
















Note that as Blacks left Africa to explore and settle the rest of our Planet,

they left behind customs, traditions, and methods which are the same the World over.






So you might ask...

If American Indians were Blacks and Mongols...

Then where did the term "REDMAN" or "RED INDIAN" come from?



Benjamin Franklin said Native Americans were Tawny=BROWN;

See his essay - Title: America as a Land of Opportunity Author: Benjamin Franklin - 1751

so where did "Redman or Redskin" come from?

As is typical with all Albino history - THEY LIE!


The Albinos teach that it was Indians who did the SCALPING, but they don't tell you that it was THEM who taught it to the Indians, and the Indians were only returning the FAVOR!

Scalping had been known in Europe, according to accounts, as far back as ancient Greece. More often, though, the European manner of execution involved beheading. Enemies captured in battle - or people accused of political crimes - might have their heads chopped off by victorious warriors or civil authorities.

In some places and times in European history, leaders in power offered to pay "bounties" (cash payments) to put down popular uprisings. In Ireland, for instance, the occupying English once paid bounties for the heads of their enemies brought to them.

Europeans brought this cruel custom of paying for killings to the American frontier. Here they were willing to pay for just the scalp, instead of the whole head. The first documented instance in the American colonies of paying bounties for native scalps is credited to Governor Kieft of New Netherlands.

By 1703, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was offering $60 for each native scalp. And in 1756, Pennsylvania Governor Morris, in his Declaration of War against the Lenni Lenape (Delaware) people, offered "130 Pieces of Eight [a type of coin], for the Scalp of Every Male Indian > Enemy, above the Age of > Twelve Years, " and "50 Pieces of Eight for the Scalp of Every Indian Woman, produced as evidence of their being killed."

Massachusetts by that time was offering a bounty of 40 pounds (again, a unit of currency) for a male Indian scalp, and 20 pounds for scalps of females or of children under 12 years old.

Albinos tell of the "Blood Thirsty" Indians, but in fact, it was the "Blood Thirsty" Albinos!

BOSCAWEN, N.H. Monument depicting Colonial heroine Hannah Dustin, In her left hand she holds a fistful of human scalps.

The inscription underneath tells of her 1697 capture in an Indian raid, and how she slew her captors as they slept -12 women and children. Later she returned for their scalps, having remembered they could fetch a bounty. (There are many statues of Dustin, this is the only one showing the scalps. The others are typical Albino lie statues).


So where did the terms "Redman or Redskin" come from?


Historian Professor Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz states that the American settlers were paid bounties for killing Indians, and they gave a name to the mutilated and bloody corpses they left in the wake of their scalp hunts: REDSKINS!




But now that we know that the American Indian was indeed "US".

What do we say about...





The Buffalo Soldiers








Encyclopædia Britannica

Buffalo soldier

Buffalo soldier, nickname given to members of African American cavalry regiments of the U.S. Army who served in the western United States from 1867 to 1896, mainly fighting Indians on the frontier. The nickname was given by the Indians, but its significance is uncertain.






An 1866 law authorized the U.S. Army to form cavalry and infantry regiments of black men; the resulting units were the 9th and 10th cavalries and the 38th through 41st infantries (these four were later reduced to the 24th and 25th infantries, which often fought alongside the cavalry regiments). The law required their officers to be white.





The 10th Cavalry, originally headquartered at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, was commanded by Colonel Benjamin Grierson; his men were provided with aged horses, deteriorating equipment, and inadequate supplies of ammunition. Their duties included escorting stagecoaches, trains, and work parties and policing cattle rustlers and illegal traders who sold guns and liquor to the Indians, but their principal mission was to control the Indians of the Plains and Southwest. After the Red River Indian War (1874–75) the 10th Cavalry was transferred to Texas, where the 9th Cavalry, commanded by Colonel Edward Hatch, had long been based.





The combined forces fought outlaws and Indians who often conducted raids and robberies from sanctuaries in Mexico. They carried out a campaign against the Apache, who were resisting relocation and confinement on reservations. After numerous battles with Victorio and his Apache band, the soldiers managed to subdue them in 1880. While the 10th Cavalry continued in action against the remaining Apache for another decade, the 9th was sent to Indian Territory (later Oklahoma) to deal with whites who were illegally settling on Indian lands. In 1892–96, after Grierson’s retirement, the 10th Cavalry relocated to Montana Territory with orders to round up and deport the Cree Indians to Canada.






Black Civil War Soldier and Family



The buffalo soldiers were noted for their courage and discipline. Drunkenness, an especially widespread problem in the army, was rare among them; in a period when nearly a third of white army enlistees deserted, the black soldiers had the U.S. Army’s lowest desertion and court-martial rates. In nearly 30 years of frontier service buffalo soldiers took part in almost 200 major and minor engagements. From 1870 to 1890, 14 buffalo soldiers were awarded medals of honour, the army’s highest award for bravery. The 9th and 10th cavalries later distinguished themselves by their fighting in the Spanish-American War and in the 1916 Mexican campaign. One of the 10th Cavalry’s officers was John J. Pershing, whose nickname Black Jack reflected his advocacy of black troops.












The World the Buffalo Soldiers lived in was one of newly empowered Albinos going berserk: mad with power from their "Race-war" victories in Europe, and eager to construct a make-believe history commiserate with their new-found power. Very similar to Donald Trump’s constant attempts to denigrate Barack Obama - a man he knew was his better.





That is why Albinos delusionally insist that all the original people who invented civilization and modern living were THEM! Ridiculously they insist that they were Ancient Egyptians, Minoans, Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, etc.
To aid in their Racist "Myth Making" Albinos fabricated many "Race" studies, and wrote many Race papers, intended to denigrate their former lords - Blacks. The whole point was to cleanse the minds of Blacks under their power, of any memory of their actual history, and replace it with the history supplied to them by the Albinos. Here is a sample of what the Albinos were up to:


On the Negro's Place in Nature, by James Hunt

James Hunt (1833 – 29 August 1869) was a speech therapist in London, England. In 1863 he established the Anthropological Society of London, which after his death merged with the more established Ethnological Society of London to become the Royal Anthropological Institute.

James Hunt was born in Swanage, Dorset, the son of the speech therapist Thomas Hunt. He bought a doctorate from the University of Giessen in Germany and set up a practice in 1856 in Regent Street, London. He dedicated his first Manual on the subject to Charles Kingsley who spent three weeks with him in 1859. He moved to Hastings where ran residential courses during the summer season with his sister Elizabeth's husband, Rev. Henry F. Rivers.
In 1854 he joined the Ethnological Society of London because of his interest in racial differences and from 1859 to 1862 was the honorary secretary.

On the Negro's Place in Nature, by James Hunt
Quote: It is not a little remarkable that the subject I propose to bring before you this evening is one which has never been discussed before a scientific audience in this Metropolis. In France, in America, and in Germany, the physical and mental characters of the Negro have been frequently discussed, and England alone has neglected to pay that attention to the question which its importance demands.

Although I shall dwell chiefly on the physical, mental and moral character of the Negro, I shall, at the same time, not hesitate to make such practical, deductions which appear to be warranted from the facts we now have at hand, and trust that a fair and open discussion of this subject may eventually be the means of removing much of the misconception which appears to prevail on this subject both in the minds of the public, and too frequently in the minds of scientific men. Heretofore, however, it has happened that much human passion has been introduced, not only into public discussions, but especially into the literature of this subject. Even such a generally fair and philosophic writer as Professor Waltz has accused men of science of promulgating scientific views which are practically in favor of the so-called " slavery " of the Confederate States of America. Many other scientific men could be named who have equally been guilty of imputing such unfair and uncharitable motives while, on the other hand, scientific men who are thus accused, retort for instance, exclaims: “How I loathe that hypocrisy which claims the same mental, moral and physical equality for the Negro which the whites possess!" No good can come of discussion conducted in such a spirit. If we wish to discover what is truths' we must give each other credit for scientific honesty, and not impute base or interested motives.

In the first place, I would explain that I understand by the Negro, the dark, woolly-headed African found in the neighborhood of the Gambia, Senegal and Kongo rivers. Africa contains, like every other continent, a large number of different races; and these, having become very much mixed, may be estimated as a whole at about 150 millions, occupying a territory of between 13 and 14 millions of square miles. I shall not enter into any disquisition as to the great diversity of physical informatIon that {B found in different races, but shall simply say that my remarks will be confined to the typical woolly-headed Negro. Not only is there a large amount of mixed blood in Africa, but there are also apparently races of very different physical characters, and in as far as they approach the typical Negro, so far will my remarks apply to them. But I shall exclude entirely from consideration all those who have European, Asiatic, Moorish or Berber Blood in their veins.

The foot is flat and the heel is both flat and long. Burmeister has pointed out the resemblance of the foot and the position of the toes of the Negro to those of the ape. The toes are small, the first separated from the second by a free space. Many observers have noticed the fact that the Negro frequently uses the great toe as a thumb. The knees are rather bent, the calves weak, and the upper part of the thigh rather thin. The upper thighbone of the Negro has not so decided a resemblance to the ape as that of the bushman. He rarely stands quite upright, his short neck and large development of the cervical muscles give great strength to the neck; enabling him to fight, or carry large weights on his head. His shoulders, arms, and legs are all weak in comparison.


Unfortunately we could find no picture of James Hunt, by which

we could compare him to the beautiful figure of this San Bushman.



The hand is always relatively larger than in the European. The palm is flat, thumb narrow, long, and very weak. The great distinguishing characters of the Negro are the flattened forehead, which is low and compressed. The nose and whole face is flattened, and the Negro thus has a facial angle generally between 70 and 75 degrees, occasionally only 65 degrees. The nasal cavities and the orbits are spacious. The skull is very hard and unusually thick; enabling the Negroes to fight or carry heavy weights on their heads with pleasure, the coronal region is arched, but not so much developed as in the European women. The posterior portion of the skull is increased, however, in proportion to that of the anterior being diminished. But M. Gratiolet has shown that the unequal development of the anterior lobes is not the sole of the psychological inequalities of the human races.

From these researches it appears that in the Negro the growth of the brain is sooner arrested than in the Europeans. This premature union of the bones of the skull may give a clue to much of the mental inferiority which is seen in the Negro race. There can be no doubt that in puberty a great change takes place in relation to physical development; but in the Negro there appears to be an arrested development of the brain, exactly harmonizing with the physical formation. Young Negro children are nearly as intelligent as European children; but the older they grow the less intelligent they become. They exhibit, when young, an animal liveliness for play and tricks, far surpassing the European child. The infant ape's skull resembles more the Negro's head than the aged ape, and thus shows a striking analogy in their craniological development.

The above was of course heavily excerpted to provide just some of the "best parts" of this rather long and tedious Albino nonsense. This is the Albino world of Racial hate and lies that the Buffalo Soldiers found themselves in - did it lead to Self-hatred or Stockholm Syndrome?

Self-hatred (also called self-loathing) refers to an extreme dislike or hatred of oneself, or being angry at or even prejudiced against oneself. The term is also used to designate a dislike or hatred of a group, family, social class, or stereotype to which one belongs and/or has. For instance, "ethnic self-hatred" is the extreme dislike of one's ethnic group or cultural classification. Self-hatred and shame are important factors in some or many mental disorders, especially disorders that involve a perceived defect of oneself. Self-hatred is also a symptom of many personality disorders, including borderline personality disorder, as well as depression.
Or even Stockholm Syndrome?

Stockholm Syndrome
In 1973, Jan-Erik Olsson, a convict on parole, took four employees of the bank (three women and one man) hostage during a failed bank robbery in Kreditbanken, one of the largest banks in Stockholm, Sweden. He negotiated the release from prison of his friend Clark Olofsson to assist him. They held the hostages captive for six days in one of the bank’s vaults, while torturing them with nooses and dynamite. When they were released, none of them would testify against either captor in court; instead they began raising money for their defense.

Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. These feelings, resulting from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time spent together, are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims. Generally speaking, Stockholm syndrome consists of "strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.



Buffalo Soldiers have been Glorified by at least three songs and many tales:

But is it justified?

Could it be that Buffalo Soldiers were really just heartless,

self-hating dupes, helping the Albinos kill and subjugate their own kind?

Just as we uncovered the truth about the American Indian, perhaps in time,

we will have a better understanding of the lives and work of the Buffalo Soldiers.


The song Buffalo Soldier was written by Margaret Lewis, Myra Smith, and David Barnes.

The Flamingos originally released it as a audio single in 1970


The acapella group "The Persuasions" recorded their version of Buffalo Soldier in 1972


Bob Marley recorded his version of Buffalo Soldier in 1978, it was released in 1983








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