Black Persians

(and others) of the Qajar era



Please note:

A 2016 article in the British Newspaper "The Guardian" by Denise Hassanzade Ajiri for their Tehran Bureau: declares that the Black people in the following pages are Slaves and Enoch’s.

This type of Race lie is of course quite normal in Albino media and history telling. The "Material" truth to this is provided in linked artifacts and academic data, and the "Scientific (DNA)" proof is provided by the 2016 study: "The genetics of an early Neolithic pastoralist from the Zagros, Iran." {See the first page of the Elam section for link}.

Also see the linked “Black Iranians” pages, for the real people of Iran.



MORE - thought-provoking photographs from the Qajar era.

Or, more proof that you should not believe the Albino mans history.


To better understand these Qajar dynasty photos,

as well as the linked pictures of Modern Iranians,

a careful reading of this "living Races of Mankind" page is highly recommended.



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